It’s not uncommon for IBM® Maximo® Asset Management business partners to have a long history with Maximo products. Mohamed Skandaji, the General Manager at Smartech for the past 10 years, is a great example of a partner who started out working with Maximo products 20 years ago and has decided he’s a lifer.

“My first job after finishing my MBA was in Maximo implementation. That was 20 years ago. Since then, I haven’t strayed away from Maximo, and I never will.” – Mohamed Skandaji, General Manager, Smartech

Mohamed Skandaji, General Manager, Smartech

Serving Smartech clients with Maximo expertise

At Smartech, Mohamed leads a group of experts in scripting, integration, mobile, automation and upgrades. He uses his experience with Maximo projects to transfer his knowledge to peers and help them acquire the right skillset to better serve Smartech clients. Over his 20 years working in Maximo Projects, Mohamed has filled multiple positions including business analyst, system architect and project manager. His experience has allowed Smartech to successfully meet client challenges, including:

  • Complex upgrades from Maximo Asset Management V4.x to V7.6
  • Implementations in unionized ecosystems
  • Building complex customization and integration for their clients

In addition, Mohamed said that more clients are asking about health, safety and environment (HSE) processes. In response to this trend, Smartech has acquired enablement from IBM experts about HSE add-ons and passed this knowledge to their clients.

Smartech knows a great product and uses a great product

Having worked in EAM for the past 20 years, Mohamed knows a good thing when he sees it. Not only is he committed to working with Maximo clients, but Smartech uses the product, as well.

“Smartech uses Maximo to manage our daily operations. Maximo allows us to track every consultant’s hours, assign tasks to technicians and streamline operational processes by notifying users with critical information.” – Mohamed Skandaji, General Manager, Smartech

Who is Smartech?

Smartech is a Gold-Accredited IBM Business Partner® that specializes in enterprise asset management (EAM). The company offers a team of consultants, engineers, technicians, analysts and trainers to provide a fully integrated approach to business solutions. Smartech experts can help define a project from implementation or migration and work with a customer all the way through product delivery and maintenance.

Smartech offers five EAM products.

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management—with a focus on plant production, infrastructure, transportation and real estate.
  • IBM Control Desk—for managing IT assets and business processes using ITIL principles.
  • Smart Mobile for Maximo—provides remote access to Maximo Asset Management processes from mobile devices. It is a light, native application that requires no installation on the Maximo server.
  • Smart Project Link—a bidirectional interface tool that allows Microsoft Project to be added to the Maximo Asset Management menu bar for ease of importing work orders, preventive maintenance forecasts and scheduling.
  • Smart Asset Navigator—allows you to visualize and locate assets with faster, more efficient navigation and accelerated search of objects and their descriptions based on the graphical layout of the assembly structure.

Smartech also offers services for training, managed services, implementation, specific development, updates and migration. Learn more.

“We are committed to making sure Maximo Asset Management remains the EAM leader. Our goal is to provide the best solution for our clients.” – Mohamed Skandaji, General Manager, Smartech

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