The emergence of robust Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, such as IBM® Maximo® Asset Health Insights, has brought a new quality to the world of maintenance and reliability. But the perceived complexity of adapting these solutions in real-life can be overwhelming for many organizations.

As experienced IBM Maximo Asset Management implementers, my colleagues and I at Ontracks Consulting are well versed in the practical side of day-to-day operations at utilities, oil and gas and industrial organizations. We have always understood the importance of making new technologies work for the real world and wanted to showcase that a true IoT solution implementation can be not only simple but also quite exciting. So, when an opportunity arose to host a RAP Talk session during the MaximoWorld 2018 conference, we thought it would be a great occasion to let the audience experience Maximo Asset Health Insights in a fun and engaging way.

Fernando Cartagena from Ontracks Consulting helped with ‘The Maximo is Right’ game.

Introducing ‘The Maximo is Right’ game show

Our challenge was to involve the audience, show off Maximo technology and fit it all into a 20-minute time slot. What’s a better way to do that than a fun game show?! We created “The Maximo is Right,” a series of Maximo-based challenges mimicking “The Price is Right” format. In the show, three contestants were selected from the audience to answer maintenance-related trivia and play Maximo games—all for a chance to win prizes and show off their maintenance knowledge. The game show format allowed us to design games that utilized real-world IoT sensors that integrate in real time to the IoT platform on IBM Cloud.

During the show, our audience witnessed how real-time sensor readings interact with Maximo to trigger the creation of work orders in the system. I won’t get too technical, but for those who are curious, here’s an overview of the pieces that were used to put the game together.

  • We used Texas Instruments SimpleLink sensors for all the games to monitor several metrics, including pressure, vibration and proximity.
  • This sensor data was then fed into a Raspberry Pi Bluetooth hub, which allowed us to receive all the sensor data into one place.
  • The Raspberry Pi utilized Node-RED to send the sensor data to the IBM Watson IoT™ platform.
  • The Watson IoT platform acted as a landing page for all sensor data and displayed the readings on graphs (one graph for each contestant in each game). This provided a very intuitive clear view for the game results.
  • Using a REST API, the real-time data was fed through the Watson IoT platform and integrated to Maximo Asset Management where we could create real-time work orders.

The show was received with an overwhelmingly positive response. Everyone we spoke to really liked this fun, approachable take on Maximo Asset Management and the advanced IoT technology. Our hope is that Maximo users not only enjoyed the show but also learned more about the IoT platform and Maximo add-ons like the IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights solution.

We were excited to be part of MaximoWorld this year, and being a Maximo advocate, it was wonderful to see the Maximo community come together to share their knowledge and experiences.

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Tom is a Professional Engineer, Project Management Professional and IBM Advanced Deployment Professional with more than seven years of technical Maximo implementation. He has worked on and lead numerous Maximo Projects involving clients in Canada, the United States and the Middle East, mostly in the oil and gas and pulp and paper industries. He primarily focuses on technical solution design and project management, with experience in Maximo functionality, customization, implementation, upgrades and assessments.


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