Sean Stuckless, IBM Internet of Things Senior Software Architect, and I spent MaximoWorld 2018 in the IBM booth talking up a storm with developers and IBM Business Partners. The main topic: the IBM Maximo Developer Center and other questions related to IBM® Maximo® Asset Management.

People were curious to learn about the IBM Maximo Developer Center. Once we showed them examples of information we offer on the site, the developer and architect crowd got excited about the tools and APIs available. We hope you’ve taken time to explore everything the IBM Maximo Developer Center has to offer. Bookmark the site, share with your colleagues and participate in discussions to help us learn more about the type of information you’d like to see on the DevCenter.

Watch a video interview filmed at MaximoWorld where I discussed the developer tools and resources that the IBM Maximo Developer Center has to offer.

Sean Stuckless (center) explains the IBM Maximo Developer Center.

We fielded questions ranging from requests for more information about being a Maximo business partner to specific problem-solving questions regarding Maximo customization using automation scripts. As Sean puts it: “I covered the Maximo Developer Center pod with Hari, and together we answered questions and shared information about content and tools. It was good to see a mixture of both very technical and non-technical people interested in the content and tools. While there was a lot of interest in the Maximo command-line tools, by far the biggest request was for more information on Maximo automation scripting. I had a good conversation with one woman who is currently replacing her company’s existing system with a Maximo installation. She has concerns about being able to become a Maximo super user quickly, and hopes that the DevCenter will be a good resource for understanding the Maximo configuration and customization abilities.”

Top five DevCenter topics requested from the MaximoWorld crowd

We learned from MaximoWorld attendees that they’re looking to the IBM Maximo Developer Center for the following topics. Take a moment to leave a comment below to let us know what topics you’d like to see.

  1. Automation scripting: documentation, how-to instructions and samples
  2. Docker containers for development: industry solutions
  3. Development command-line interface: speed Maximo add-on development
  4. Work center configuration
  5. Offline mobile data integration and iOS SDK

Interesting MaximoWorld sessions

I attended “Maximo Mobility Investment and Why GIS Matters in EAM” hosted by Rahul Desai, IBM Principal Offering Manager and Joao Souto Maior, IBM GIS/Mapping Architect. There was a great discussion regarding IBM Maximo Anywhere, its complexities and plans, current implementations and lessons learned.

Sean liked “Maximo Customization Using Scripting and Formula,” hosted by Anamitra Bhattacharyya, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member. “As usual, Anamitra’s automation scripting framework session was a hit with everyone. While the content may be technical, the interest in scripting is only growing, as more people want to take their configuration skills to the next level,” Sean said. He also enjoyed the technical conversations in a MaxTECH session. MaxTECH is a Maximo Technical User Group conference started by BPD Zenith Ltd. last year as a means to engage more of the Maximo technical community, putting the focus on the Maximo configuration and customization features.

Sean said, “The great aspect of attending a large conference like MaximoWorld is the ability to engage IBM Business Partners and customers directly, and the ability to interact with colleagues that you rarely get to meet in person (like Hari 😉 ).”

I tend to agree. Everywhere I turned, I overheard conversations praising MaximoWorld. I like what one presenter and attendee from ATEK Access Technologies said:

“I attended another productive conference at MaximoWorld. One area that stuck out was the significant steps forward with artificial intelligence, IIoT and connectivity to Maximo. In particular, what I learned about using ultrasonic signals, in addition to vibration, to see the earliest signs of bearing and lubrication degradation was fascinating. Great work, everyone! I’m looking forward to putting the lessons learned and relationships made to use in the coming year.” – Craig Truempi, Director of IIoT Reliability, ATEK Access Technologies

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