We’re thrilled to announce a new product that integrates with IBM® Maximo® Asset Management to provide data analysis and repair recommendations: IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant. A cloud-based offering, Equipment Maintenance Assistant recommends prescriptive actions to help all of your company’s field technicians perform like your best technician. I explain more in the video below.

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Posted by IBM Watson Internet of Things on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Equipment Maintenance Assistant highlights

The product is easy to use and deploy, with the following benefits:

  • Allows Maximo maintenance technicians to benefit from IBM Watson® technology
  • Includes plug and play integration with Maximo Asset Management
  • Is designed for business users—you don’t have to be a data scientist to train the artificial intelligence (AI) solution; any equipment expert, such as a reliability engineer or maintenance manager, can train the knowledge base
  • Is compatible with all major devices that are used by field technicians


The solution helps your organization improve the following key metrics:

  • Improve first-time fix rates—improve efficiency of repair through prescription of the right repair procedures based on your data and AI
  • Extend asset life—extend asset life with step-by-step repair guidance, and enable compliance with current standards, regulations and best practices
  • Reduce time to repair—complete repairs faster through more efficient troubleshooting and prescriptive repair guidance
  • Increase time between failures—optimize repair procedures to extend equipment operating time and decrease unplanned downtime

How does Equipment Maintenance Assistant work?

Equipment Maintenance Assistant uses Watson technology to provide Maximo maintenance technicians with best practice procedures. It builds its knowledge base using structured and unstructured data associated with repairs, work order history, technical documents, specification diagrams, regulatory data, maintenance standards, industry blogs and more.

Based on that data, it identifies early warning signs and identifies the optimal repair or service procedure for your technicians to execute. It also continuously learns from the technicians’ interactions and uses this feedback to improve future recommendations. Using this information, Maximo technicians have an improved ability to diagnose asset failures and provide prescriptive guidance on the best repair options.

Why Equipment Maintenance Assistant?

There are two main pain points that Equipment Maintenance Assistant helps solve.

  1. An aging workforce: Trends show that employees with decades of experience are retiring faster than new employees can be trained. While companies have taken great effort to collect information, it’s often scattered among different databases. Equipment Maintenance Assistant gathers all this information and provides guidance to technicians on any device he or she is using.
  2. An increased number of complex critical assets: By capturing, analyzing and sharing critical structured and unstructured data with technicians, Equipment Maintenance Assistant helps an organization maintain equipment while reducing maintenance time and costs.

How does Equipment Maintenance Assistant benefit Maximo users?

This integration puts the power of AI into the hands of the Maximo technician to help fix repairs correctly the first time. Other benefits include: reduced mean time to repair, reduced mean time between failures, improved troubleshooting and root cause analysis capabilities. Optimal repair also helps extend the life of all the assets—leading to lower maintenance costs. In addition, business outcomes are improved thanks to increased asset uptime, improved operational efficiency and reduced unscheduled maintenance.

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As an Offering Manager in IBM Watson IoT, Heena helps bring the power of IBM Watson AI and advanced analytics into the hands of industrial and manufacturing employees. She is passionate about developing scalable solutions that solve real business and user pain points. She is also IBM’s Millennial Leader in the Boston area through the IBM ‘Millennial Corps’ group.

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