BPD Zenith Ltd. had a great week as a Gold Sponsor at the 17th annual MaximoWorld conference in Orlando! The sold-out event brought the entire IBM® Maximo® Asset Management ecosystem together with over 1,100 registrants including Maximo users and vendors. Reliabilityweb provided a very organized format allowing attendees the opportunity to hear user presentations, speak directly with application specialists and get involved in user group meetings to share experiences and transfer knowledge.

The BPD Zenith booth with Simon Nicholson (left), Danit Larter (center) and Stephen Hume (right).

BPD Zenith introduced a new technical Maximo user group to MaximoWorld

The Maximo Technical User Group (MaxTECH) was honored to have a spot on the agenda for the first time amongst the seven user group and community meetings on Tuesday morning. As a Maximo user, there are no shortage of conference experiences available, however there has been a lack of community for technical teams in the past. MaxTECH brings together system administrators and technical support staff to ask and answer technical questions and take free training back to their organizations.

MaxTECH is sponsored by BPD Zenith and supported by IBM. The group is directed by a user steering committee to oversee the agenda, meeting locations and to assist with preparations and determine topics based on feedback from users themselves.

At MaximoWorld, the MaxTECH event treated the attendees to complimentary interactive training on a Cool Non-BIRT Reporting Technique for Maximo Asset Management. Users also shared their Maximo successes and challenges to support the mission to make Maximo solutions do more for their organizations. Lastly, “MaxTECH Down Under” was presented by the BPD Zenith team in Australia. All in attendance agreed there is nothing quite like MaxTECH at any other event!

Stephen Hume presented at MaxTECH during the MaximoWorld conference.

Use case: Why we created the Cool Non-BIRT Reporting Technique for Maximo

As part of Health and Safety Review, a group of managers reviewed all completed incident records to check if the information was up to date and records were closed. Reviewing this information by clicking on the various tabs in the incident application proved a tedious process. A detailed BIRT report was then created, pulling together all of the incident details. However, it was taking a long time to run the report for each incident, scroll through the report, close the report and then workflow the incident record to “Closed” or “Needs further action” status. Enter a blog posting by Bruno Portaluri where he talked about using an automation script to generate a summary.

What is the Cool Non-BIRT Reporting Technique?

This reporting technique uses automation scripts, actions, application designer and HTML
to embed a summary report right in the application so that the user can access it with a single click. It takes almost no time to run and can be copied from Maximo Asset Management to a Microsoft Word document for printing. Users love the simplicity of this summary report.

An experienced Maximo administrator/developer can develop and implement this report in a very short period of time and begin to benefit immediately from the efficiencies it provides. You can build summaries for any application/database table you wish. Examples include:

  • Asset summary—including ownership information, asset move history and where the information was used.
  • Service request summary—including worklogs, related records Maintenance of Certification (MOC) summary (for IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager or oil and gas) showing all approval records, action items and related records.
  • Inventory summary—showing vendor and transaction data.

In addition, Stephen Hume, Senior Maximo Consultant with BPD Zenith, further participated in the MaximoWorld conference by taking part in interviews with IBM Facebook Live and Reliability Radio. This was a great opportunity to share BPD Zenith’s knowledge with regards to Maximo and the asset reliability world. Watch Stephen’s video.

Finally, MaxStock was a great event that both BPD Zenith and our clients enjoyed! The only question is, who was that guy from Brazil that rocked it out so well…?

BPD Zenith are already looking forward to MaximoWorld 2019 and providing continued sponsorship to the MaxTECH user group and MaximoWorld conference!

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