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Blockchain basics: Intro to distributed ledgers

Blockchain technology will revolutionize the way organizations conduct their business transactions. Learn what blockchain is, how a blockchain network works, and how IBM is helping to advance the technology.

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IBM Blockchain 101: Quick-start guide

Developers, be ready for the blockchain revolution! Start by setting up your own private blockchain network based on the open source Hyperledger Fabric, then see how to deploy chaincode (business rules) and write client apps to streamline your business processes and digital interactions.

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Blog: 7 principles for designing a blockchain network to power and sustain your business

For blockchain technology, the year 2016 was all about gaining mindshare. And now 2017 will be about gaining market share. In this post, Nitin Gaur, IBM Blockchain Labs director, shares lessons learned from client engagements and chalks out the key principles and considerations for designing sustainable blockchain-powered business networks to build market share.

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Courses: IBM Blockchain for developers

Blockchain is an emerging technology that can radically improve banking, supply-chain, and other transaction networks, creating new opportunities for innovation. The 3 courses in this learning path can help you quickly understand IBM’s direction with blockchain technology and get hands-on experience with a sample use case. Learn how to create your own private blockchain network on IBM Bluemix and add code for smart contracts using the chaincode interface from the Hyperledger Fabric.

Course One: Apply blockchain to business

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Learn how to write chaincode

Chaincode enables interaction with a blockchain network’s shared ledger. This tutorial demonstrates the building blocks and functionality needed to build an elementary Hyperledger Fabric chaincode application to deploy into a network of Hyperledger Fabric peer nodes.

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Join the Hyperledger community

IBM is a Premier member of the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, an open source, collaborative effort to create a blockchain for business. IBM contributed its implementation of a blockchain fabric that became the Hyperledger Fabric project, currently in incubation. The Hyperledger Fabric code underlies IBM Blockchain products, services, and solutions.

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Developer perspectives

Curious about what it’s like to be an IBM developer working on blockchain? Watch the series to find out from Anya Derbakova, Sheehan Anderson, and Dale Avery. They review specific use cases, talk about their work on the Hyperledger Project, and discuss where they see blockchain going in the future.

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IBM Blockchain on Bluemix

Start a blockchain environment and start building applications on industry-standard APIs. Monitor your network and view health status. Leverage the REST API to deploy and invoke chaincode transactions.

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IBM Blockchain for Hyperledger on Docker

Set up and run a blockchain network using IBM-signed Docker images and Docker Compose files. The images have been tested for functionality, stability, and performance. IBM also offers technical support for this configuration for purchase.

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