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What is blockchain for business?

It’s a tamper-proof, distributed ledger shared by the members of a permissioned network of individuals or organizations. By recording the history of transactions, or asset transfers, in a hash-linked chain, the blockchain fosters trust, transparency, and accountability throughout the network.

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Application developers, your blockchain journey starts here! Learn the basics of writing chaincode (business logic) and user applications in a simple transfer of digital assets (colored marbles, in this case) between members in a blockchain network.

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Using Hyperledger Composer tools

Hyperledger Composer is a free set of tools for quickly prototyping, defining, and testing a blockchain network and writing apps to interact with it. Hyperledger Composer is a Hyperledger project hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Using the Hyperledger Fabric framework

Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework implementation and one of the open source Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation. Its modular architecture ensures the confidentiality, resiliency, flexibility, and scalability of your blockchain solutions.

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Hyperledger community

Hyperledger is led by a diverse group of technical, open source contributors. Join the Hyperledger community on for questions, support, and active collaboration with Hyperledger developers. And find the next Hyperledger meetup in your neck of the world.

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dW Answers uses a pure Q&A model, focused on finding answers to questions, rather than general discussion on topics.

You can also get support and troubleshoot problems with Blockchain on Bluemix.

Engage with IBM for enterprise blockchain solutions

IBM Bluemix Garage for blockchain

Experts in the IBM Bluemix Garage will help you make blockchain real. In this collaborative workshop, you can explore the blockchain use cases relevant to your business and determine your best first pilot of the technology.

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Blockchain ecosystem

Join the IBM Blockchain community of business leaders and developers embracing the blockchain opportunity and receive special benefits and perks to accelerate your blockchain ventures.

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IBM Marketplace

Market and monetize enterprise-ready blockchain solutions on the IBM Marketplace. Benefit from global exposure to potential clients, sellers, and an extensive developer community.

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