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IBM Blockchain for high-security business networks

IBM Blockchain is the first managed service for Hyperledger Fabric v1.0, making it fast and easy to build, run, and govern business networks with high security, privacy, and performance.

Hyperledger Fabric v1.0-alpha

Hyperledger Fabric is a platform for distributed ledger solutions for business. Its modular architecture ensures confidentiality, resiliency, flexibility, and scalability.

This getting-started scenario provisions a sample Fabric network. It provides the Docker compose files and supporting scripts you need to create and test the sample network:

Fabric Composer

With this free, easy-to-use open source tool, quickly define and test a blockchain network, and write applications to interact with it. Fabric Composer exploits Hyperledger Fabric and uses the consensus protocol to validate transactions by network participants.

The basics of blockchain

What is blockchain for business?

A blockchain is an immutable, distributed ledger shared by the members of a permissioned network for tracking the secure exchange of business assets. Unlike a Bitcoin-based network, member identities are known and no cryptocurrencies are involved.

Demo of asset exchange using IBM Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric v1.0

In this demo, you see a simple asset transfer on a Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain network. Enrolled and authenticated users create digital assets (colored marbles, in this case) with a variety of attributes, and then exchange these assets according to the transaction rules, or business logic, defined in chaincode that runs in a container on a network peer. Network peers maintain a shared ledger containing the current state of assets (in blocks) and a hash-linked chain holding an immutable record of all transactions. (Hence, blockchain.)

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Hyperledger community

Hyperledger is led by a diverse group of technical, open source contributors. Ask questions and interact with them in the Hyperledger discussion on Rocket.Chat, or in meetups around the world.

IBM Blockchain answers and support

dW Answers differs from typical discussion forums because it uses a pure Q&A model, focused on finding answers to questions, rather than general discussion on topics. You can also get support and troubleshoot problems with your Blockchain service instance on Bluemix.