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Construct 2017, hosted in San-Francisco on January 30-31, is the first-ever CoinDesk blockchain developer conference.

Who will be there?

This 350-attendee, invite-only event will include leaders from all major blockchain communities: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Blockstack, Zcash, and more.

What’s the goal of Construct?

The goal of this event is to help understand and answer the common questions that arise across all blockchain communities:

  • How can blockchain technology be leveraged to add efficiency and reduce costs associated with financial transactions?
  • How should distributed ledgers reach consensus?
  • How will open-source communities be governed and funded?
  • How will critical technical updates be implemented?
  • What are the most pressing security, scalability, privacy, and usability challenges across communities?

Construct brings together top technologists from across the globe to share and evaluate new ideas, collaborate, and network with other top developers.

Hyperledger @ Construct

IBM sees Blockchain as a disruptive technology that enables regulated industries to perform fundamental transactions on the internet, and we’re seeking to openly collaborate with technology leaders to transform fundamental business processes — and thereby industries.

Hyperledger Fabric, under the umbrella of the Hyperledger project, is a platform for developing blockchain solutions with a modular architecture and pluggable, interchangeable services using container technology. While leveraging open source best practices, it enables confidentiality, scalability, flexibility, and security in business environments.

Attending Construct? Curious to learn more about Hyperledger and the Hyperledger Fabric? Check out these sessions:

Enterprise Blockchains
Monday, Jan 30, 11:15am – 12:45pm
Many of the financial enterprise use cases originally cited for Bitcoin include the facilitation of international payments, clearing and settlement of assets, and automation of back-office processes related to trade finance and security servicing. 2016 was a year for proofs-of-concept where large financial firms and tech companies began to stress-test blockchain projects that prioritized speed and privacy over decentralization and censorship resistance. Many enterprises have much to gain with implementations of blockchain technology that are customized for their needs, including trusted “federated” groups of nodes, restricted write access, and decreased block time or payment finality speeds. This CTO Briefing session builds upon the knowledge gleaned from public blockchains, and moves into the specific needs of the enterprise sector with presentations on Hyperledger, Chain, and Ripple / Interledger, projects which count some of the largest financial firms on the planet as users.
Speaker: Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger

Taxonomy & Lexicon Standards in Blockchain Tech
Monday, Jan 30, 1:45pm – 3:45pm
The language and vernacular used in the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem — public blockchains, enterprise distributed ledgers, throughput, malleability, UTXOs, pseudoanonymity, mining algorithms, consensus mechanisms, pre-mines, block rewards — is only becoming more and more complex and intimidating for newcomers to the space. Common wording, descriptions, and definitions can only help optimize communication among developers and business folk in the space, with the media, and for talking to and educating the masses.
Speaker: Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger

The Hyperledger Hydra
Tuesday, Jan 31, 9:00am – 11:55am
Hyperledger has emerged as the leading open source collaborative effort towards advancing blockchain technology for business after backing by the Linux Foundation and the inclusion of projects created by industry leaders from Intel, Digital Asset, IBM, DTCC, and more. In this session, we’ll dive into the work done by some of Hyperledger’s most promising technologies including Fabric, Sawtooth Lake, and Corda.
Speaker: Chris Ferris, CTO Open Technology, IBM

Don’t forget to swing by the IBM booth on the first floor of the Innovation Hangar to see a live demo of the Marbles application, where you can watch marbles being traded on a business network in real-time. Watch this video to see the Marbles demo in action at a recent Connect-a-thon.

Whether you’re attending Construct or simply interested in joining a robust community of developers experimenting on the Fabric, be sure to join the Hyperledger Slack Channel, explore how IBM Blockchain is collaborating on the Fabric, and visit the Blockchain 101: Quick-Start Guide to get started today.

Stay tuned for updates live from Construct by following @IBMBlockchain and #Construct2017. Connect with our blockchain experts on Twitter.

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