On March 19, IBM InterConnect will descend on Las Vegas. For five days, technical professionals and business leaders will gather to share knowledge, learn, and network with each other.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard the hype around blockchain and how it has the potential to create change in nearly every industry. But as a developer, you might be more interested in how to set up a blockchain network or how to create and deploy blockchain applications. Fortunately, InterConnect has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to engage in deep, technical conversations about the inner workings of blockchain or you just want to get up close and personal with some blockchain developer tools, the following sessions should be at the top of your “don’t miss” list.

Blockchain: Re-imagining Business Networks

Tuesday, 21 March, 2:30 – 3:15 PM, Mandalay Bay Ballroom H

In this keynote session, Jerry Cuomo and Ross Mauri from IBM and Leanne Kemp, the CEO of Everledger, will discuss how blockchain technology is changing fundamental business processes and the ways that networks transact and exchange value. You will also learn more about the Linux Foundation’s open source blockchain platform, Hyperledger Fabric, and see how blockchain is being used in cross-industry use cases.

IBM Blockchain booth: Concourse Booth 743

Throughout the week

Head over to the IBM Blockchain booth at the Concourse anytime during the week to check out Fabric Composer. You’ll get to see demos of blockchain developer tools that enable you to build networks, create peers, invite members, and transact.

Also, make sure to swing by the booth from 3:30 – 4:30 PM on Tuesday for exclusive access to Blockchain for Dummies. The comprehensive book provides everything you need to know to understand, apply, and get started with blockchain. You’ll be able to meet the author and even get your own copy of the book. Limited supply available!

Ask Me Anything about Blockchain

Tuesday, 21 March, 11 – 12:45 PM, DevZone, Concourse Booth 790

How does a blockchain network operate? What makes it unique? Find out from IBM Blockchain expert Tim Richer, who will be in the DevZone on Tuesday to discuss networks, nodes, and ledgers of this transaction tracking technology. Questions from beginners and experts alike are welcome!

Use IBM Blockchain, Run on the Hyperledger Fabric

Wednesday, 22 March, 9 – 12:45 PM, DevZone, Concourse Booth 790

Interested in doing something a bit more hands-on? Join IBM Blockchain technical experts in this Hello World Lab to see how to build a business network on the Hyperledger Fabric. With IBM’s new application development framework, you can spin up and run new networks rapidly with a few clicks. Register a peer, invite others to join your network, and trade assets of value — all through Fabric Composer. You’ll definitely enjoy working with the tool that is designed to eliminate manual coding and accelerate the development experience.

Get Started Now with Fabric Composer using IBM Blockchain

Monday, 20 March, 3:15 – 4 PM, South Pacific F

How can your business save on a blockchain implementation? In this session, Anthony O’Dowd and Kathryn Harrison of IBM will discuss how Fabric Composer is helping businesses to quickly create and deploy blockchain applications. By providing a set of open-source development tools and technical services running on top of Hyperledger Fabric, Fabric Composer allows you to focus on the business capability being developed, rather than the technical details of blockchain technology.

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At IBM InterConnect, there will be many great opportunities for developers to experiment with blockchain technology and learn more about its possible uses. Don’t miss out! Register now to begin building your blockchain curriculum.

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Check out the Blockchain Dev center at developerWorks for quick-start guides and technical resources that you can start using today.

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