Hyperledger Composer is the quickest way to get up and running with the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. In fact, Hyperledger Composer is designed to help you easily build your blockchain use cases in days rather than weeks or months.

So what is Hyperledger Composer, exactly?

Basically, it’s an extensive, open development toolset, complete with a modeler playground and a suite of tools. Its domain-specific language is strongly typed and easy to consume. The powerful, mature toolset allows application developers to start developing blockchain applications easily. Developers can engage quickly with the toolset and playground — business analysts and application architects can also take advantage of the playground’s intuitive modeling capabilities.

2 easy ways to learn

To get up and running quickly (and have some fun in the process!), choose one or both of these Hyperledger Composer tutorials:

The Developer tutorial — primarily for application developers — creates a fictitious Commodity trading app and a running business network between two Traders (participants on the network). A Trader is able to use a Commodities Angular 2+ application, generated entirely against the business network deployed in the tutorial. In no time, you can add assets, participants, and transactions (common Hyperledger Composer terms) to a real blockchain network through the Angular app. All in about 45 minutes! Simply follow the tutorial to get started and get set up.

The Playground tutorial — targeting business analysts and application architects, as well as developers — helps you set up and run the very same sample Commodities business network online and quickly interact with the test blockchain. You can deploy the sample network, add assets, and submit transactions to it through the online Hyperledger Composer Playground instantly. No coding necessary and nothing to install!

Focus on your use case, not the implementation details

With Hyperledger Composer, you’re not burdened with needing to understand the technical semantics of the blockchain itself, nor the infrastructural, networking, or interface-level aspects of consuming a blockchain. Hyperledger Composer abstracts away those details so you, as an application developer can focus on real use cases that matter: in other words, yours! It does this by introducing higher-level concepts that apply directly to your business problem or use case definition, such as assets, business networks, participants, identities, access controls, and transactions. In other words, it uses terms that are familiar and meaningful. Hyperledger Composer ensures the structured and consistent implementation of the business network and its constituent parts that you choose to model in your blockchain use case.

Speed up your proof of concept

So what else? Hyperledger Composer enables you to quickly model a business network (think: your current business network, where you and your fellow participants transact day-to-day). Hyperledger Composer makes it easy to integrate with existing systems and data flows. It accelerates the creation of blockchain use cases, whether your aim is an organisation-level proof of concept, a pilot project, or a highly secure business network where security, privacy, and performance are essential.

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