Blockchain. Blockchain. Blockchain.

IBM is sponsoring the newest Topcoder challenge and, you guessed it, it’s all about blockchain! Everywhere there are promises of how the technology will reinvent entire industries, but the questions abound:

  • What is blockchain?
  • How do I get started?
  • What programming skills do I need?
  • How can I build apps for my industry?
  • How do I realize value to start a company or improve my current business?

IBM has been working with organizations around the world to figure out how we can solve the world’s most pressing problems using various technologies beyond blockchain, including cloud, analytics, big data, and AI.

Blockchain provides those organizations the ability to transact and share data with their partners, customers, suppliers, banks, and even regulators without centralizing everything into a single database. Each party maintains ownership of its data and can control what they share and how they interact with other members of the network. Trust is now delivered by the rules of engagement across the network. Beyond trust, blockchain offers a system of integrity so participants can make transactions, build business, and change lives in new ways.

At IBM, we strive to solve the most pressing challenges of the day — and it’s critical for us to build communities with diverse skills and new ideas to envision the future as never before. That’s why IBM is part of the Linux Foundation’s open source Blockchain Hyperledger Project. Over 150 organizations across the globe have come together to build a blockchain foundation that is openly governed, secure, and scalable. In particular, Hyperledger Composer has been designed with popular toolsets to make it simple for programmers of all skill sets and levels to start writing their smart contracts and developing blockchain applications quickly and easily.

Today, we inaugurate a partnership with Topcoder to help grow the community of blockchain developers and to accelerate the progress that blockchain can make in our world, with a challenge to encourage developers to get started building blockchain applications right away. There is an exciting twist to this challenge — hackers have the chance to show how they would build a blockchain application to implement any U.S. Federal Regulation. For those with an interest in the intersection of government, policy, and technology, this is an incredible way to learn about blockchain and how it impacts our society. There are also some great prizes!

Get involved today and learn more about the blockchain Topcoder challenge sponsored by IBM.

Registration is now open, and the challenge runs through July 29, 2017. Happy hacking! May the blockchain be with you.

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