The Blockchain revolution has undeniably begun. And so far, most of the focus has been on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple, with surprisingly little chatter around how big business is going to play in the Blockchain space. Enterprise Blockchain is a tremendous opportunity as well, and developers are quickly becoming more and more curious.

What do you build? Why build it? How confident are you that it will be a good investment of time and money? Those are three questions that everyone needs to explore before embarking on a Blockchain MVP/pilot. While the “what” and the “why” are going to be unique to your situation and personal creativity, gaining confidence is an area where it’s easy to get help.

This February in San Francisco (February 19 – 22), the IBM Blockchain team is participating in several events as part of the INDEX – San Francisco Developer Conference to help developers move their knowledge and ideas forward. Whether you’re new to Blockchain or already working on your Blockchain startup, there’s something for everyone at INDEX. Come learn, network, talk technology, or ask our technical experts for help.

What can you expect at INDEX?

INDEX – San Francisco is an open developer community conference. Attend any of over 100 sessions and open code hands-on labs in 8 tracks, and learn the latest software development practices and techniques to advance your skills and develop your career. (Hint: Blockchain is covered in the Geek Shop track.)

MONDAY, February 19

To kick off the week, IBM is hosting a Blockchain meetup on Hyperledger Composer in San Jose, CA, from 6:30 to 10 PM.

TUESDAY, February 20 – INDEX DAY 0

Day 0 is a full day of pre-conference workshops. We’ll have 3 primary Blockchain activities:

Developer Workshops: In the Blockchain track, 3 sessions are focused on developer education:

Hyperledger Community Room: Attendees will have the opportunity to present their Blockchain concepts/projects to a room of Hyperledger peers and IBM experts, hosted by Arnaud Le Hors.

Happy Hour, 5 to 8 PM: A casual opportunity for Blockchain developers to network and talk technology at the ThirstyBear Organic Brewery.  To attend the happy hour, please first register as our guest.


During the main conference days, IBM will be hosting a booth for developers to test their skills in 6 IBM technologies. You’ll get a chance to see how your ability translates into real-world applications that are a force for good. The exercises are snippets of actual IBM client projects that are focused on improving our global society.

A Blockchain challenge is included in this experience as well. See if you can set up a simple financial transparency network, which is a core component to any transaction-based Blockchain. If you can do this, you’re well on your way to greater Blockchain adventures!

Ask Me Anything:  IBM Blockchain experts will be available to answer your questions and network. Get help on your project, troubleshoot, ask a question, or just talk shop.

Why should you attend INDEX?

Globally, fewer than 20,000 developers have skills in Blockchain, but that number is quickly increasing! Getting time to meet and discuss the technology with some of the leading minds in the space is a rare opportunity. We hope to have a chance to meet you all at INDEX in a couple of weeks.

Learn more and register today.

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