Blockchain is fundamentally transforming how businesses and individuals transact with one another through its ability to facilitate trust at scale without the need for intermediaries. Trusted transactions can dramatically reduce dispute resolution time, cut costs, and add the utmost level of security to your transactions. Through blockchain, the collective can achieve greater value than any single institution could on its own.

IBM Blockchain Platform addresses these business needs and helps innovative businesses to disrupt their industries. The platform offers multiple membership plans, so you can customize your blockchain network depending on your stage of maturity.

Begin building with the Starter Plan

Blockchain begins a new age of collaborative thinking, creating the need to decentralize the development process. Developers from multiple organizations now work collaboratively to design and build blockchain applications. The IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan was created to remove the barriers to getting started with blockchain. Any developer — whether enterprise, start-up, academic, experienced, or novice — can begin the blockchain journey to disrupt their industry.

The Starter Plan provides a pre-configured network of two members, each with one peer, where you can test your proof-of-concept to refine and create your MVP. In just one click, you receive a fully functional blockchain network to begin testing. You can add more members to your network and migrate to the Enterprise Plan when you’re ready.

With the Starter Plan, you have easy access to our most popular development tools, including tutorials on using our online playground and a development environment to help you build your business network definition using Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 features and capabilities.

The Starter Plan also includes tools to help you collaborate and understand network and business growth. Along with your kick-starter network, you have the ability to simulate multiple organizations. The Starter Plan’s uniquely designed interface allows you to put business logic into actionable code. It’s modular and customizable, too. With the Starter Plan, you have the ability to purchase additional support services as needed for low-cost proof-of-concept or basic pilot evaluation.

Sign up for the Starter Plan now for a $500 credit

Sign up now to learn, develop, and test on the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan and you’ll receive a $500 credit covering the first month’s fees for two peers and one membership. You can also find the details by searching for “blockchain” in the IBM Cloud catalog.

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6 comments on"IBM Blockchain Platform releases the Starter Plan: A developer’s one-stop shop"

  1. Excellent offering. Looking forward to get more involved.

  2. kinam_choi March 13, 2018

    Looking forward to March 19, 2018 to try the Starter plan

  3. Kishore Pallavajjala March 16, 2018

    Thanks Arshiya. That’s exciting.

  4. April 27, 2018

    Delivering a preconfigured network is a great idea… removes barriers to building immediately!

  5. capereiraoliveira May 07, 2018

    Great idea, blockchain is present and future.

  6. Gustavo Eglez May 31, 2018

    Great news!

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