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Blockchain Innovators: Creating a REST server and Deploying Starter (6/6)

Join us for part 6 of our series Challenge Accepted: Developing a Blockchain Application with Starter Plan.


Blockchain in Shared Services

Blockchain is going to reshape the foundation of business as we know it! Hear how the shared services industry can utilize this technology to gain a competitive advantage by increasing its number of transactions, improving its efficiency and lowering its costs.

Speaker: Kim N. Pham, Associate Partner / Blockchain Leader, IBM
IBM’s Blockchain practice is involved in several hundred engagements, providing solutions or services to businesses across a range of industries, including a large number of Shared Services Organizations. This session draws on IBM’s experience, providing an in-depth look at blockchain’s capabilities in the Shared Services context through case studies of current implementations. You’ll learn about:
– How trailblazers in Shared Services have adopted blockchain solutions to improve their business processes
– Challenges faced and lessons learned
– Latest trends in the space

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Blockchain: Rethink Trust conference

Rethink Trust is the first engineering conference built from the ground-up to understand the business use cases for blockchain. It is not another blockchain expo, convention, or coiner meetup. The key question that animates the meeting is this: “What are the traditional mechanisms of trust underpinning the enterprise of today, that can be replaced by computational systems tomorrow?” Effectively, we want to re-engineer trust itself, using distributed consensus and trustless approaches.

IBM’s own Chris Ferris will be keynoting at the conference, alongside speakers from ING, Coinbase, Skolkovo, BANKEX, Zededa, CoinAlpha and many others!

IBM Workshop: Hyperledger Fabric
This presentation will introduce the audience to Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies for business. This will cover the goals of the organization and its different projects and activities. The presentation will then focus on Hyperledger Fabric, a modular and flexible blockchain framework design to address the requirements of the business use cases benefiting from the use of blockchain technology. This part will cover the design principles which motived the development of Fabric and which differentiate it from other blockchain technologies. It will introduce the audience to Fabric’s overall architecture and process flow, as well as give specific information on how to get start with developing a blockchain application using Fabric.

Anyone can benefit from the first part of the presentation but the second part is much more technical in nature and aimed at giving network admistrators and application developers a good understanding of how a Fabric blockchain network and application function.

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Why attend?
– Discover ways to monetize blockchain technology
– Understand how to move your business processes to blockchain
– Become aware of the current legislative and regulatory trends
– Conduct strategic partnerships for a consortium private blockchain
– Invite key developers to work exclusively on your blockchain ecosystem


Amsterdam Conference Centre “Beurs van Berlage”

Blockchain 4 Business: Connect Blockchain to Real IoT Products

Blockchain 4 Business focusses on connecting Hyperledger to real IoT products. It will provide Raspberry Pi and HiKey hardware sets, sensors, actors, physical products and teach you coding and how to program it — you will implement Hyperledger, connect real products and code a frontend. From a business model perspective, this can yield endless possibilities.

Experts, lawyers, and scholars will hold sessions to explore various facets of the intersection of IoT and blockchain. The camp is supported by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, IBM, nexussquared, 21 Digital, and more.

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07/15/2018 - 07/18/2018

IBM Watson IoT Tower – Corporate Office

OSCON- Open Source Conference

Open source is the way of the world.
From the explosion of AI with frameworks like TensorFlow, MXNet, and PyTorch to blockchain projects like Hyperledger, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, as well as infrastructure disruptors like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Istio—open source is the value that fuels new industries and pushes forward long standing ones.

OSCON has been ground zero of the open source movement. In its 20th year, OSCON continues to be the catalyst for innovation and success for companies.

Unlike other conferences, we cover open source projects across all origins and affiliations—our program focuses solely on projects in areas of innovation. OSCON isn’t just open source, OSCON is:

Open source + AI
Open source + blockchain
Open source + infrastructure
Open source + edge computing
Open source + open data
Open source + community
Open source = Innovation

Innovative and emerging open source projects are at the center of OSCON 2018. Each track has been selected for its significance to software development and solving critical real-world problems:

Blockchain beyond Bitcoin
Artificial intelligence
Emerging languages such as Kotlin, Go, Elm
Live coding
Software Development methodologies: From ideation to deployment
Cloud strategies and implementation
Evolutionary architecture
Edge computing
Open source in enterprise case studies
Open Source: Past, Present, and Future

We bring community, enterprise, individual contributors, and engineering teams together to move open source forward by highlighting best practices, projects that transform business, and insight into what you need next.


07/18/2018 - 07/19/2018

Oregon Convention Center