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A year of collaboration: 2020-2021 IBM Developer partnership program

By Pooja Mistry | Published November 24, 2021

Learn how IBM collaborates with partners on co-hosted webinars to educate external developers about the values and benefits of IBM and partner technologies.

Deep dive into application integration with our TCS partner

By Pooja Mistry | Published November 23, 2021

Access valuable technical resources, videos, and podcasts to learn about application integration with IBM and our TCS partner.

Announcing the 2021 Call for Code Engagement Awards

By Ruth O. Davis | Published November 15, 2021

Recognizing organizations that demonstrate their commitment to Call for Code challenges, deployments, and open source contribution

Top 5 resources to learn about the IBM and Cloudera partnership

By Steve Martinelli | Published November 11, 2021

Check out highlights some of the best developer-focused resources to help you leverage your data to build AI-enabled applications.

Automation for the win: How I accidentally built a serverless application

By JJ Asghar | Published November 8, 2021

In this blog post, I tell you the story of how automation won and I created a serverless app accidentally because of it. This journey…

Knative 1.0 release: What developers need to know

By Michael Maximilien, Doug Davis, Carlos Santana | Published November 2, 2021

Learn about key features of the open source software for running serverless workloads on Kubernetes.

Announcing marked-it v2: Transform your Markdown source into HTML5 output

By Jenifer Schlotfeldt, Grant Gayed, Carolyn Carpenter | Published October 29, 2021

Learn how improvements in V2 of the marked-it open source project makes it easier than ever for users to code, customize, and contribute their own…

GitOps: Best practices for the real world

By Jing You, Ying Mo, Qing Zhi Yu, Kun Yang, Zhi Hui Huang, Bo Peng | Published October 27, 2021

Learn the fundamentals of GitOps. What it is and how you can use it's principals to improve day-to-day development and operations.