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The Eclipse Foundation’s move to Europe will bring open standards and open source together

By Todd Moore, Jochen Freidrich | Published January 14, 2021

Eclipse Foundation's strong presence in Europe will strengthen open source and open standards

Kafka Monthly Digest - December 2020 and 2020 in review

By Mickael Maison | Published January 13, 2021

From releases, to Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs), to blogs, check out what's going on in the Apache Kafka community for December 2020 and 2020 year in review.

Learn new skills while working on volunteer projects

By Stephanie Cleijpool-Cobas | Published January 7, 2021

As part of TheHeroLoop Call for Code team, Santiago Arriaga learned Apache Kafka

IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power 13.0-3 released!

By Erwan Prioul | Published January 6, 2021

Explore what's new and updated in version 13.0-3

6 developer trends to watch in 2021

By Kevin Allen | Published January 5, 2021

IBM developer advocates offer their insight into developer trends we'll see in 2021.

Following the data science methodology

By Mohammad Fawaz Siddiqi | Published January 5, 2021

Explore the different tasks of a data scientist, and learn how the tasks can help other roles within the data science methodology.

Six courses to build your technology skills in 2021

By Malathi Srinivasan | Published December 22, 2020

Take your career to new heights in 2021 with these free courses from IBM Developer.

Container security requires more than securing your images

By Laura Bennett | Published December 18, 2020

Security and compliance in modern cloud apps are a requirement and a developer challenge. Introduce security measures early in build and deployment stages.