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Kafka Monthly Digest - February 2021

By Mickael Maison | Published March 4, 2021

From releases, to Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs), to blogs, check out what's going on in the Apache Kafka community for February 2021.

Is your Cloud infrastructure securely configured?

By Fady Copty | Published March 4, 2021

Does your DevSecOps pipeline integrate ibm-terraform compliance checks?

13 challenges creating an open, scalable, and secure serverless platform

By Michael Maximilien, Doug Davis, Julian Friedman, Tara Gu, Vincent Hou, Simon Moser, Aleksander Slominski, Belinda Vennam, Lionel Villard | Published March 3, 2021

What we learned during the evolution of the Knative open source project

Why developers should centralize their security

By Gregor Frimodt-Møller, IBM Champion | Published March 3, 2021

Ensure fraud is not committed on your website while making usage easy for your customers

Developers can now use IBM's cloud services across multiple environments with IBM Cloud Satellite

By Willie Tejada | Published March 1, 2021

Growing ecosystem of partners expanding hybrid cloud services

2021 is the year that open source overcomes its diversity problems

By Chris Ferris | Published February 26, 2021

In 2021, building off the momentum of this past year's focus on social inequality and steps made by open source-minded companies and foundations, open source…

Developer Diaries: The Case of the Miscoded Credentials

By JJ Asghar, Upkar Lidder | Published February 23, 2021

Developer advocates discuss the pitfalls and opportunities of cloud development and the new app modernization tools they need to build multi-functional cloud apps

Two new Call for Code for Racial Justice projects just went open source

By IBM Developer Staff | Published February 19, 2021

Learn about the solutions now hosted by the Linux Foundation