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Top tips for making your Call for Code submission stand out

By Daniel Krook | Published July 6, 2020

Learn how to make your Call for Code solution stand out and be ready to submit by July 31, 2020, for a chance to win $200,000 USD.

Lessons learned from standing up a front-end development program at IBM

By Kelly Churchill | Published July 2, 2020

3 key factors for establishing a succesful grassroots education program

What’s new in Apache Spark 3.0

By Huaxin Gao, Mei Mei Fu | Published June 30, 2020

The release is a result of more than 3,400 fixes and improvements from more than 440 contributors worldwide.

Analyze your Spark application using explain

By Sunitha Kambhampati | Published June 30, 2020

Learn how to get the Spark query execution plan using the explain API to debug and analyze your Apache Spark application.

Explore best practices for Spark performance optimization

By Sunitha Kambhampati | Published June 30, 2020

Learn some performance optimization tips to keep in mind when developing your Spark applications.

CodeTheCurve: A blockchain-based supply chain solution to address PPE shortages

By Simge Helvaci, Mehmet Alp Sümer, Ertugrul Batur, Mustafa Mert Askaroglu | Published June 30, 2020

Hackathon submission was designed to support health care workers on the front lines of the global pandemic.

PionerasDev wins IBM Open Source Community Grant to increase women's participation in programming

By Todd Moore, Guillermo Miranda | Published June 29, 2020

Colombia's PionerasDev wins the 3rd Open Source Community Grant

IBM and LFAI move forward on trustworthy and responsible AI

By Todd Moore, Sriram Raghavan, Aleksandra Mojsilovic | Published June 29, 2020

IBM donates Trusted AI toolkits to the Linux Foundation AI