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Relive summer of OSCON: Fight COVID-19 with Node-RED and Call for Code

By IBM Developer Staff | Published July 9, 2020

In this live-coding replay, see how to use Node-RED and APIs from the Weather Channel related to Covid-19 to quickly build out a tracking application.

Call for Code Daily: Virtual classrooms, contact tracing, weather tips

By IBM Developer Staff | Published July 9, 2020

The Call for Code Daily highlights all the amazing #TechForGood stories taking place around the world. Catch up on the AI, weather and ecosystem stories from this week.

Why IBM doesn't agree with Google's Open Usage Commons

By Jason McGee | Published July 8, 2020

Google's Open Usage Commons for the Istio project falls short of expectations

Introduction to Watson AutoAI

By Sidra Fatima Mansur Ahmed | Published July 7, 2020

Learn how AutoAI can automatically prepare data, apply machine learning algorithms, and build model pipelines best suited for your data sets and use cases.

Kafka Monthly Digest - June 2020

By Mickael Maison | Published July 7, 2020

From releases, to Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs), to blogs, check out what's going on in the Apache Kafka community for June 2020.

Top tips for making your Call for Code submission stand out

By Daniel Krook | Published July 6, 2020

Learn how to make your Call for Code solution stand out and be ready to submit by July 31, 2020, for a chance to win $200,000 USD.

Lessons learned from standing up a front-end development program at IBM

By Kelly Churchill | Published July 2, 2020

3 key factors for establishing a succesful grassroots education program

What’s new in Apache Spark 3.0

By Huaxin Gao, Mei Mei Fu | Published June 30, 2020

The release is a result of more than 3,400 fixes and improvements from more than 440 contributors worldwide.