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Mark your calendars for February 13 – 14

IBM Developer Advocates will be streaming live on Twitch from Think 2019 in San Francisco! There will be live coding, interviews, guests, and surprises throughout the broadcast. We have 2 days of non-stop action, starting at 9:00am PST on February 13th and 14th. Our guests will show off the latest in AI, containers, and open source.

Watch live below or head over to Follow the channel to get updates when we go live!

We’re pleased to invite some of our friends from Red Hat onto our stream as well. Guests will include Ishu Verma, who will be talking about Red Hat’s IoT platform and how it relates to edge computing; and Gordon Haff who will be talking about open source: what it is, what it is not, and his thoughts on the future of open source.

Here’s the full Twitch schedule:

Day 1: Wednesday, February 13

  • 9:00am Intro/welcome to today’s streams
  • 9:30am Event-Driven Architecture with Knative, Carlos Santana
  • 10:30am Open Source Game Development, Open Jam, and Command Line Heroes (Red Hat), Jared Sprague
  • 11:00am Rapid Innovation with Node-RED, John Walicki
  • 11:30am Build a chatbot using Watson Assistant, Upkar Lidder
  • 12:00pm How to measure the quality of your ChatBot using ML on Watson Studio, Sergio Gama
  • 1:00pm Apply AI into your iOS App, Victor Shinya
  • 2:00pm Developer Advocacy Fireside Chat, Greg Gorman
  • 2:30pm Mastering the Mainframe
  • 3:00pm Surprise Announcement, David Okun and Chris Bailey
  • 3:30pm What Open Source is Not, Gordon Haff (Red Hat)
  • 4:00pm Hands on with Edge Computing for IoT, Ishu Verma (Red Hat)
  • 4:30pm Tame the Chaos of Deploying and Managing Kubernetes Apps with Helm, Sahdev P. Zala

Day 2: Thursday, February 14

  • 9:00am Intro/welcome to today’s streams
  • 9:30am Call for Code, Daniel Krook
  • 10:30am Call for Code, Project OWL team interview
  • 11:00am The Magical Living Room & Command Line Heroes with Red Hat, Saron Yitbarek and Dan Courcy
  • 11:30am Developing blockchain networks with Hyperledger 1.4, Horea Porutiu
  • 12:00pm Deploying Ethereum Smart Contracts to Hyperledger Fabric, Swetha Repakula
  • 12:30pm Rapidly Create APIs with Node.js and LoopBack, Sai Vennam
  • 1:00pm Model Asset Exchange, Saishruthi Swaminathan
  • 1:30pm ODPi Egeria – Metadata Repositories Collaborate, Mandy Chessell
  • 2:00pm How to develop a ChatBot using STT and TTS on Node-red integrating to Facebook Messenger, Sergio Gama
  • 2:30pm Docker and Kubernetes to build Functions using OpenFaaS, Victor Shinya
  • 3:00pm Character Cartridges – Exploring next generation architectures for Empathy, Emotion & Identity, Ryan Anderson
  • 3:30pm GitLab on Kubernetes on IBM Cloud, Brandon Jung
  • 4:00pm Knative, Greg Haynes
  • 4:30pm IoT, Greg Gorman

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