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Learn why you won't want to miss this exciting digital event

As we all adjust to our new normal, Code @ Think is your opportunity to tap into a multitude of resources from your laptop to stay sharp on current coding methodologies, and learn new skills to boost your productivity. With so much excitement surrounding this digital event, here are just 5 reasons why you should attend.

1. Ramp up on Red Hat

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By attending Code @ Think, you’ll be the first to learn what IBM’s transformational acquisition of Red Hat means for you as the developer. Red Hat and IBM are joining forces and collaborating on key technologies that are reshaping the industry and elevating your open source experience.

Streamlining your adoption of scalable, secure, open technologies based on open source and open governance just got that much easier. Learn more about what this acquisition brings to the table.

2. The era of open is upon us

As open source finally begins to permeate inside your company, it’s time to skill-up on the technologies you’ve been waiting to use. Attend Code @ Think to learn from IBM open source rockstars as they pull back the curtain on Kubernetes, Knative, TensorFlow, istio, OpenJ9, Open Liberty, Node.js, Quarkus, and many other open technologies that you’ll need to be well-versed in understanding.

With over 20 code talks and 17 master classes, each technical session is specifically created to offer you the tools and information needed to integrate critical open technologies into the core of your applications for the best, most scalable, and secure user experience. We know the era of open is upon us, and we’ve got your back in gearing up for this transformation — let us show you.

3. Rise to mastery with the makers

Not for the faint-hearted, master class labs let you immerse yourself in true expert-level sessions with the creators who are shaping the software you’re using both now and in the future. The time to hone your deep technical acumen alongside peers and renowned technologists in the industry is now, so get ready! Take a deep dive into how you can modernize your applications for increased efficiency and functionality by embedding the power of AI, leveraging IBM Cloud Paks, and harnessing cloud-native development. You’ll leave these sessions equipped with new knowledge and refined skills that allow you to build smart and build secure.

4. Kickstart your #TechForGood adventure

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Get ready to uncover and apply emerging trends in AI, machine learning, quantum, and other technologies that are reshaping the industry. Code @ Think is where you can learn new practices to make an impact at work and on the world.

With the unprecedented times we are living through right now, learn how to turn your passion into purpose and build solutions to fight back against COVID-19 and climate change through the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge. These sessions are created to level you up and enhance your understanding of new tech practices, while also giving you the chance to implement and build solutions in real time.

5. Are you up for the challenge?

Code @ Think is offering the Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge, featuring topics such as Red Hat OpenShift, serverless microservices, and object detector service integration. Compete with your peers for bragging rights and great prizes. Test your talents, and build a progressively more capable application. Build smart and be at your best – our technical judges will select the top 5 entries for a cool prize! Sign up now.

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The opportunity to hone your skills and expand your developer talents is right at your fingertips. Register now for Code @ Think for free to level-up and be a leader of the pack on key technologies that are putting you as the developer in the driver’s seat of the future. Let’s go!