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Accelerating technology exploration and app development with Developer Playground on IBM API Hub

In February, we introduced the IBM API Hub as a way for developers to access trusted, secure API-enabled services and data. With access to these APIs, developers were able to more quickly build the solutions they needed.

Since the introduction of the API Hub, we’ve heard from our developer community: Being able to discover and learn about APIs and try out their endpoints is good. Being able to easily play with the APIs within a free playground environment would be even better.

Today, we are releasing a beta of Developer Playground in API Hub. Developer Playground provides a guided tutorial around a sample app to demonstrate how you can apply a given API to solve real-world problems. The Developer Playground provides you with a web IDE environment, where you can get the source code and configure, build, and run the app within minutes. And then, you can save that code sample to your own repo to jumpstart your development efforts.

Join us for hands-on instruction

Register for the Hybrid Cloud 2021 Digital Developer Conference and learn how Developer Playground accelerates technology exploration and app development in a hands-on workshop given by my IBM colleagues Amol Dhondse, Girish Padamanabhan, Jaitirth Shirole and Naveen Panwar.

And check out the Developer Playground for yourselves. The following products are currently enabled with the playground. Choose your favorite API and use the playground experience: