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Get started with AdoptOpenJDK today

Oracle’s recent changes to Java licensing have meant that many enterprises are re-evaluating their requirements for a stable Java distribution with reliable support at a reasonable cost.

Well, enterprises need look no further than AdoptOpenJDK as the best alternative available.

AdoptOpenJDK is an open, community-led initiative that provides free, pre-built binaries of the reference implementation of the Java platform from OpenJDK. The AdoptOpenJDK community’s goal is to ensure that these regularly updated downloads of Java are available for everyone all the time.

The AdoptOpenJDK distribution is the most comprehensive in its coverage of operating systems and architectures. With an AdoptOpenJDK binary, you can be confident that it is built and tested exactly the same across all environments.

Read on, and you’ll start to understand the unique strengths and attributes of AdoptOpenJDK.

AdoptOpenJDK is an open community

AdoptOpenJDK is supported by a global set of individuals and organizations, including one of the largest and most active Java User Groups in the world: the London Java Community (LJC). It’s also supported by the likes of Azul, IBM, Ocado, and Microsoft, all of whom are platinum sponsors and active members of the community. With this level of backing and cross-industry collaboration, you can rest assured that Java’s best and brightest are advancing the community’s goals today and will be doing so for quite some time in the future.

Of course, the true litmus test of any community’s stature is the extent to which the industry is utilizing the products and services it provides. As of January 2019, downloads of the AdoptOpenJDK binaries surpassed six million! Couple this with the fact that IBM is already basing most of its Java software on AdoptOpenJDK builds, meaning most Fortune 500 clients are leveraging this distribution to run their business, and you have a thriving community with growing influence and a robust future.

AdoptOpenJDK delivers reliable, enterprise-ready builds

Enterprises typically need to migrate to new major releases in a very deliberate and planned manner. In many cases, enterprises standardize on a specific Long-Term Support (LTS) release for multiple years. The LTS release concept was recently introduced to Java. Oracle plans to deliver an LTS every three years and support it for five years or so.

AdoptOpenJDK enhances this critical enterprise requirement by producing free, well-tested, stable, and secure binaries for Java 8 and follow-on LTS releases for as long as the upstream source at OpenJDK is actively maintained. Oracle is withdrawing commercial support for Java 8 LTS in January 2019 and will cease to provide OpenJDK Java 8 binaries in December 2020. In contrast, the AdoptOpenJDK community is expecting to deliver OpenJDK builds for Java 8 until at least September 2023. During this time, maintenance/security updates will be provided every three months. A similar support strategy is planned for Java 11, the most recent LTS release. For details, visit the AdoptOpenJDK Support website.

The AdoptOpenJDK community’s aim is to ensure that free, regularly updated downloads of Java are available for as long as possible. Contrast this level of support with the Oracle builds available at OpenJDK, which are provided for only the current version of Java (Java 11 at the time of publication). In addition, Oracle will only provide security patches for the first six months of the release, after which users will need to update to the next Java release if they want to continue to have access to security patches. Once a new Java version is released, Oracle will remove builds for the previous release.

Quality is another key component of the AdoptOpenJDK binaries. The community has an abundance of different tests at their disposal (donated by members) to verify the quality of every build, ensuring that applications run and behave as expected. Stable and reliable builds are consistently produced through regression, functional, system, load, application, and performance tests. In addition, build and tests results are completely open, and can be reviewed by the community.

AdoptOpenJDK supports a wide range of platforms and choice of JVM

AdoptOpenJDK delivers free Java binaries on a wider range of platforms than anyone else. From Linux on x86-64 and other architectures, like Power and s390, to Windows and macOS too. The AdoptOpenJDK project builds and extensively tests each release ensuring you get the best Java to run your application.

Looking for a more performant JVM to handle cloud native workloads or run your desktop applications? AdoptOpenJDK has the solution with its Eclipse OpenJ9 offering that delivers fast startup, small footprint, and great peak performance. Learn more about OpenJDK with Eclipse OpenJ9 in this blog, which equates replacing the Hotspot JVM with the OpenJ9 JVM to replacing your car’s engine – you have the same car just with better performance.

What are you waiting for? Give AdoptOpenJDK a try!

The time for strategic decision-making for your Java distribution of the future is now. LTS builds produced by AdoptOpenJDK are:

  • High-quality, reliable, and secure
  • Enterprise-ready and battle-tested
  • Run on the platforms that are important to your business
  • Available and supported with security updates for the length of time your business requires
  • Backed by an open community and ecosystem you can count on

Hopefully, by now, your interest in learning more about AdoptOpenJDK and test-driving one or more of its builds is piqued. If so, download a binary of OpenJDK with OpenJ9 today.

If Docker is more your style, then pull one of the OpenJDK with OpenJ9 Docker images:

docker pull adoptopenjdk/openjdk8-openj9

Do your corporate policies require an enterprise-grade support contract for software? No problem! IBM offers support for both OpenJ9- and HotSpot-based AdoptOpenJDK binaries through the IBM’s support offering for OpenJDK.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with AdoptOpenJDK today!