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A responsive web app that uses AI to match volunteers with those in need

TheHeroLoop is the regional winner of the 2020 Call for Code Challenge in Europe. The team will receive $10K and solution deployment support to make their solution available to everyone.

Due to the pandemic, there are individuals around the globe that are isolated or in need of help. At the other end are organizations that want to help but might not know how. TheHeroLoop is a responsive web app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match volunteers with those in need based on location, skills, and availability. User activities are protected by blockchain, AI, machine learning, and IBM® technologies that analyze every incoming text, call, or voice note to ensure users’ privacy and safety at all times. The key services used in their solution:

Bente Acking, founder of TheHeroLoop says, “We are extremely honored and so happy to have won the Call for Code competition in Europe.” Suneetha Jonnadula, a Full Stack Developer on TheHeroLoop adds, “I feel super excited and happy as our efforts have been fruitful and ultimately, we can help mankind in this pandemic situation through our app.”

The vision and dream of TheHeroLoop team is to create a global socio-economic recovery movement to support the world’s social and economic recovery from COVID-19, but also to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. With the award of $10k and support for deployment, the team is determined to make their dreams come true. They need all of your help to create Hero’s and Looper’s to help each other recover from COVID-19.

The HeroLoopTeam

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