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Prevent problems with your APIs before implementation

It’s exciting to develop with blockchain technology, but you need to consider an important challenge. After a block is created, you can only append it and add data to a chain. You can’t remove or modify it.

When you are creating APIs that will interact with blockchain, you need to watch out for an error that could start an automatic call over a large number of transactions. A mistake in your API could be very costly. If you do work through a permissioned structure like Hyperledger Fabric, key stakeholders can overwrite transactions if needed. However, that approach takes time so that the process remains secure.

The best thing to do is prevent problems with your APIs before you implement them.

Arashdeep Salh, the Founder of AMA Advisory Group, and a current student at the University of Toronto, captures this concern well in a blog post where he explains how APIs and API testing help create successful blockchain implementations. Read it here: What do blockchain and API testing have in common?

Then, the next time you have APIs that you need to test, try out the free API Connect Test and Monitor.