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To answer the Call for Code, team SoftServe created a solution to manage and deliver donations meant for natural disaster victims using blockchain and smart…

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Sadly, areas affected by natural disasters do not always receive aid quickly and efficiently. In the US alone, tornadoes have caused more than half a billion dollars’ worth of damages and affected more than 290 cities. As we’ve seen in the past, getting aid to those in need can often be tricky. For instance, victims of the 2005 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita only received $1.4 billion of the $6 billion in federal emergency aid. The issue? Fraud. Understanding how problematic this can be for those affected by natural disasters, the SoftServe team from the Ukraine, whose members include Dmytro Ovcharenko, Andriy Shapochka, and Denys Doronin, put their heads together to answer the Call for Code and use the skills they developed for enterprise projects to come up with a solution.

Using their skills and knowledge, the team realized that blockchain is well-suited for collecting donations, buying provisions, and recording successful delivery to those in need using smart contracts. Their solution, AidChain, manages foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies, automates the purchase of necessary supplies once there are sufficient funds, and even has the capability to monitor the delivery of resources using drones where roads have become obstructed. Natural disasters may be inevitable, but with solutions like this, those who are affected can receive the aid and relief they desperately need.

What is Call for Code?

The Call for Code 2018 challenge asks developers to build solutions that help communities and first responders prepare for natural disasters and reduce the disruptive impact on human lives, health, and well-being.