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Congratulations to the winners of the virtual challenge

build smart on kubernetes challenge

On May 4, IBM Developer hosted the Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge, revolving around various components of open source and cloud native development. Developers showcased innovation through code and collaboration by executing a series of coding labs covering the following topic areas:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Basics: Level-setting core skills for those new to OpenShift and Kubernetes.

  • Cloud Native Java Development

    • OpenShift with Quarkus: Take your first steps with Quarkus, a framework for building Cloud Native apps using Java.
    • OpenShift with Open Liberty: Build a Java microservice created with Open Liberty and deploy it on OpenShift.
  • AI Integration – MAX Model Deployment: Deploy two deep learning microservices from the Model Asset Exchange on Red Hat OpenShift

  • Event Data Messaging with Apache Kafka

    • Build an event-driven, streams-optimized Kafka-based Java application, leveraging the Reactive Messaging APIs by using Quarkus.
    • Build and deploy reactive Java microservices with Open Liberty, Eclipse MicroProfile, and Apache Kafka on OpenShift.

Each lab was assessed by subject matter expert judges based on the following criteria:

40% Time taken Your overall time for the labs
20% Completion on the lab Requires copy/paste of unique result at the end of each lab
40% Understanding of materials covered Requires answering 3 questions related to each lab

The winners

After evaluating the labs, the judges selected the five winners of the Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge:

  • Eric Bishop
  • Subhajit Bhattacherjee
  • Michael Ryan
  • Jerry Thomas
  • Mandeep Singh Obbi

Congratulations, and a virtual high-five to the winners and all challenge participants!

What’s next

The Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge is the launching point for our new event series Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour. This series of workshops are based on the challenges, providing a deep dive on how to build, manage, and deploy cutting edge applications using Kubernetes and AI. You also learn about IBM and Red Hat open source container offerings, including support for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, services mesh, Tekton pipelines, and more.

The unprecedented effects of COVID-19 impacted the ability to physically execute the tour. However, you can still experience all the excitement digitally. Register today for one of our upcoming workshops!