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Take a deeper dive into the basics of Kubernetes and discover overlooked capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift

Photo of a technical workshop classroom with participants facing an instructor who is standing next to a large demonstration screen

As containerization grows in popularity, Kubernetes continues to lead as an open source system for container orchestration. From process automation to the simplification of scaling applications, it is truly an exciting time to be building the next generation of services that are ushering in a new age of technology. However, as the popularity of Kubernetes continues to grow, we know that it’s hard to keep track of new capabilities and resources to continuously improve the efficiency of builds. To address this issue of the overabundance of useful information, IBM Developer created the Build Smart on Kubernetes: Hands-on Learning Journey workshop, which is happening September 15-17.

The Build Smart on Kubernetes Hands-on Learning Journey is a virtual progressive workshop in 3 parts, held 2 hours per day. This workshop jumpstarts your understanding and experience of application development on Kubernetes featuring Red Hat OpenShift. Starting with an exploration of containers, you rapidly move into a series of hands-on experiences that demonstrate why Red Hat OpenShift is a rich, enterprise Kubernetes platform for the development of cloud-native applications.

The Build Smart on Kubernetes Hands-on Learning Journey starts on September 15 and features daily sessions, breakout sessions, and speakers that include developer advocate Nigel Brown and others. It is an opportunity for all developers, both new and experienced, to expand your knowledge about the Kubernetes landscape and your prowess with the technology.

Register for the journey and get ready to learn how to build, run, and manage applications with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud.