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Understand AdoptOpenJDK's Continuous Integration Build and Test Pipeline.


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AdoptOpenJDK is a new open-source community whose build farm produces high-quality OpenJDK binaries for all versions, platforms, and variants.

Want Java 10 with OpenJ9 on AIX, or maybe Java 8 with HotSpot on macOS? AdoptOpenJDK can help!

This session is focused on AdoptOpenJDK’s Continuous Integration Build and Test Pipeline. We show you how the pieces fit together, the lessons we learned from implementing them, and our aspirations for the future.

All this, set against a backdrop of recent history: the story of how 200+ people (from companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Red Hat), cloud providers, and the wider Java community (foe example, the LJC) collaborated to create a full build farm, in under a year, for the common good.

Full CI Pipeline agenda:

  • Building hosts with Ansible
  • Build coordination with Jenkins
  • Advanced shell scripts for building Java on any platform
  • Swaths of testing
  • Certification
  • Deploying binaries using and the API gateway