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The power of Call for Code® is in the global community that we have built around this major #TechforGood initiative. Whether it is the deployments that are underway across pivotal projects, developers leveraging the starter kits in the cloud, or ecosystem partners joining the fight, everyone has a story to tell. Call for Code Daily highlights all the amazing #TechforGood stories taking place around the world. Every day, you can count on us to share these stories with you. Check out the stories from the week of September 28th:

Find out the Call for Code global and university finalists!

Throughout 2020, we have experienced disruptive impacts at a global level. The onset of COVID-19 redefined societal norms, and have imposed harm on the health and well-being of people and businesses around the world. In addition to the ravaging pandemic, climate change has continued to be a silent force that progressively damages our environment. In an unprecedented time like this, the Call for Code community took unprecedented action to flip the script. Read more.

To build great ed-tech, think like a great teacher

We can all recall that favorite teacher from our school days. They treated us like the unique individual we are. They intuitively understood how we learned best. And, they made learning enjoyable. In an ideal world, every learner (of any age, but particularly children) would have a great, flesh-and-blood teacher next to them. But in the real world, they’re in short supply, especially in economically depressed regions. In our Corona-world, even those great teachers have to reach students through technology. This is where ed-tech comes in. Read more.

In the news: Call for Code solutions fight for the future

As long as we’re talking about Big Tech’s good deeds, we should note that IBM has announced the finalists for its annual Call for Code Challenge which it describes as a global movement among 400,000 (and growing annually) developers in 179 nations to encourage them to build, refine, and deploy open source-powered solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.Read more.

Public health or economic stability? Choose both

All around the world, the COVID-19 outbreak has become a precarious balancing act of public health and economic stability. And nowhere is the decision to reopen more complex than tourist destinations. So how are travel hotspots managing the decision to reopen? Read more.

Call for Code solution judge feature: Jeff Armstrong

President Jeff Armstrong began his tenure as Cal Poly’s ninth permanent president on February 1, 2011, with a determination to enhance the University’s renowned Learn by Doing teaching approach. He brings to his role a rich blend of experience as an honored teacher, respected researcher, and experienced administrator. His success in the field of education, matched with his sentiments of supporting exposure to real-world use cases, made him a great candidate to evaluate the tech for good solutions from the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge University Edition. Read more.

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