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The power of Call for Code® is in the global community that we have built around this major #TechforGood initiative. Whether it is the deployments that are underway across pivotal projects, developers leveraging the starter kits in the cloud, or ecosystem partners joining the fight, everyone has a story to tell. Call for Code Daily highlights all the amazing #TechforGood stories taking place around the world. Every day, you can count on us to share these stories with you. Check out the stories from the week of August 31st:

In the news: OpenEEW needs your help

In the US alone, nearly half of the population lives in areas prone to potentially damaging shaking during an earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Worldwide, populations in at-risk seismic areas have increased exponentially in recent decades. To give people time to protect themselves from seismic events, some countries have constructed intricate earthquake early warning (EEW) systems. Read more.

In times of crisis, every cellphone can act as a mobile tower

In severe weather, just one powerful gust of wind or flash of lightning can down an entire city’s communications. It can take days to get networks fully up and running, leaving often the most vulnerable without a lifeline for medical and psychological care. If requests for help could be sent offline, we could save lives and protect the well-being of survivors. Read more.

An app from Kode With Klossy makes cooking fun and helps local food banks

When Kode With Klossy scholars Erika, Caroline and Inayah set out on developing an application, they knew they wanted to build something that combines food and music, but weren’t sure how. Through the Kode With Klossy organization, and in support of the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge, the team built an application to combat the boredom of quarantine and provide a platform to find and try new foods while having some fun along the way. The team also felt passionate about helping other people especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and wanted to incorporate an element of social good into their app in some way. Read more.

Interns use Tech for Good to help advance racial equality on the web

When it comes to using technology for social good, there are no limitations. Regardless of your age, location, or level of experience, technology is an all-encompassing mechanism that can bring your idea to life. Every year, IBM encourages their team of summer interns to feel empowered to strategize, collaborate, and invent new things — but this year was especially unique. Read more.

Take action: Join the Call for Code Spot Challenge Beirut

2020 has been a challenging year — between a global pandemic that has struck the world by storm, to the many events that have posed as threats and blockers to our status quo and what we consider normal. Despite these unfortunate events being thrown in our direction, we continue to fight back and take them head on — getting back on our feet, pivoting, and developing solutions. The need for that same resolve has never been more important after what has taken place just last month in Lebanon. Read more.

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