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The power of Call for Code® is in the global community that we have built around this major #TechforGood initiative. Whether it is the deployments that are underway across pivotal projects, developers leveraging the starter kits in the cloud, or ecosystem partners joining the fight, everyone has a story to tell. Call for Code Daily highlights all the amazing #TechforGood stories taking place around the world. Every day, you can count on us to share these stories with you. Check out the stories from the week of September 14.

Microservices have macro tech for good use cases

Now in its third year, Call for Code continues to extract some of the most innovative implementations of technology from around the world. From fighting back against natural disasters, to taking on climate change and COVID-19, problem solvers from across the globe are answering the call, and developing solutions that help mitigate some of the most pressing issues of our time. Read more.

Spreading the right information during the time of COVID-19

The definition of “saving the world” has many different interpretations. Some might think of a fearless flying superhero scouring the metropolitan streets and ridding the city of harm and crime, while others might think saving the world is walking the seashore with a mesh bag and a trash picker in hand, with hours of clean up to do. Regardless of what your definition of saving the world is, one thing is for certain — saving the world starts with thinking about problems differently. Read more.

Call for Code Global Challenge Regional Finalists announced

Only in its third year, Call for Code has challenge participants spanning the globe, with over 400,000 problems solvers from 179 nations having answered the call so far. Every year, the judging panel continues to be amazed as they evaluate the breakthrough innovations that are built to tackle some of the most pressing issues our world is facing. Read more.

Call for Code Spot Challenge Beirut: Introduction to IBM Cloud Services

On August 4, 2020, more than 300,000 people lost their homes, hundreds lost their lives, and thousands suffered injuries due to a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. In a country already experiencing acute political and economic challenges, the current tragedy has further increased the hardship people face. Join IBM in the Call for Code Spot Challenge Beirut to help those delivering aid to this community in need. Read more.

TravelQuest aims to relieve stress with interactive storytelling

In precarious times like the ones we are dealing with right now, it’s important to recognize that everyone is feeling the repercussions. While COVID-19 impacted corporations, schools, and retailers at scale, it also impacted young children around the world who are adjusting to their new normal. In an effort to engage this community and provide an outlet to relieve stress and anxiety for those that fall into this category, the TravelQuest team, comprised of Kode With Klossy Scholars, developed an app that blends gamification with educational entertainment to boost the emotional states for all its users. Read more.

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