Call for Code 2019 Finalist: Rove enables emergency responders to reach victims in the shortest amount of time

By Kevin Allen | Updated September 25, 2019 | Published September 25, 2019

When disaster strikes, first responders face innumerable challenges. Rove leverages crowd-sourcing, natural language processing, and real-time satellite imagery, all built on IBM technologies, to enable emergency responders to reach victims in the shortest amount of time possible.

Call for Code 2019 Finalist: Sparrow Platform provides disaster info and medical help through any app, with or without internet

By Jina Kim, Liz Klipp | Updated September 25, 2019 | Published September 25, 2019

The Sparrow Platform is an open-source, AI-enabled platform that serves as a one-stop enabler of medical and psychological well-being during and after disasters.

Hot topics at JAX 2019: serverless, microservices, and cloud-native applications

By Miriam Oglesby | Updated May 16, 2019 | Published May 16, 2019

Hot topics at this year's JAX conference were serverless, microservices, and cloud-native applications. There were great talks on cloud technologies such as Kubernetes and Apache Cassandra, and other presentations covered JVM technology and Java language features.

Game of cloud technologies: Kubernetes vs. Cloud Foundry

By Max Shapiro | Updated April 30, 2019 | Published April 30, 2019

I used both Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry on the cloud to create a code pattern. Here's what happened.

A recap of Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2019

By Michael Maximilian | Updated April 22, 2019 | Published April 22, 2019

With cloud native integrations and extensions to keep the platform relevant and competitive, our Cloud Foundry community is exploring all possible outcomes.

Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes make the perfect sandwich for app developers

By Amy Reinholds | Updated March 29, 2019 | Published March 29, 2019

Sessions at Cloud Foundry North America Summit 2019 show that the combination of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry can give developers what they need to achieve their goals.

App Autoscaler graduates to a foundation project: Learn more at Cloud Foundry Summit 2019

By Bo Yang | Updated March 28, 2019 | Published March 28, 2019

Learn about a Cloud Foundry extension project that automatically scales Cloud Foundry applications based on workload.

The history of IBM’s contributions to Cloud Foundry, part 3

By Michael Maximilien | Updated March 27, 2019 | Published March 27, 2019

The third part of this series reviews the history of the IBM's contributions in areas of Cloud Foundry including the command-line interface, services APIs, the…