IBM joins the the Continuous Delivery Foundation

IBM is excited to join the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) as a premier member, partnering with other key industry partners and end users to further develop many of the fastest growing continuous integration/continuous delivery projects.

By bringing together both industry and practitioners, the Continuous Delivery Foundation will be the vendor-neutral home of many continuous delivery projects, including Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker, and Tekton. The Continuous Delivery Foundation is part of the Linux Foundation. It will foster an ecosystem of open source projects through collaboration and interoperability. Practitioners will be able participate and provide technical contributions through the open governance model adopted by the CDF.

IBM’s role in the new foundation

IBM will be actively participating in this community and its ecosystem to help shape the future of many of these key technologies. As a leader in the CI/CD space, IBM is continually looking at providing solutions to help customers improve their time to market, especially in the new multi-cloud world. Our participation in this foundation ensures that we can offer our customers leading-edge, cloud-native solutions that deliver high quality applications with speed.

IBM is a Premier Sponsor in the Continuous Delivery Foundation and pleased to be working with the industry in this exciting space.

“Application development is rapidly changing to keep pace with the velocity of innovation in the multicloud ecosystem. Automation powers enterprise modernization, and CI/CD provides the core foundational capability enabling enterprise developers. We are proud to be joining the CD Foundation, working to bring forward the next generation of open software delivery capabilities.” – Danny Mace, VP Hybrid Cloud App Platform, IBM

For more information on the Cloud Delivery Foundation, please visit their website. For more information on IBM’s participation in the Cloud Delivery Foundation, please contact John Duimovich or Shawn Clymer.

Garth Tschetter

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