IBM launches Equal Access Toolkit to help developers build accessible websites and applications

By Si McAleer | Published May 18, 2020

Increase the accessibility of your application and website from the start with the open source IBM Equal Access Toolkit.

Add Python support to Tekton Pipelines

By Will Plusnick | Published April 30, 2020

Get a deeper understanding of the Tekton Pipeline architecture and experiment with adding Python support to Tekton Pipelines.

OpenJS Foundation's first year: Successes and next steps

By Michael Dawson, Joe Sepi, Todd Moore | Published April 27, 2020

In this blog post, we look back at the past year's success for the OpenJS Foundation and what the future holds for the JavaScript community.

JavaScript and Node.js developers: What to watch for at THINK 2020

By Michael Dawson | Published April 27, 2020

JavaScript and Node.js developers, we hope you’ll join us for a free, two-day virtual conference next week that offers different talks, interactive sessions, and hands-on…

New API from The Weather Company helps developers build solutions to track COVID-19

By John Walicki | Published April 21, 2020

A new disease tracker API aggregates COVID-19 data from trusted primary sources and tracks where the coronavirus is spreading over time.

Let's talk Node.js at NodeConf EU 2019

By Kavya Pillutla | Published November 7, 2019

NodeConf EU is almost here. Our Node.js collaborators will be to talk about the newest release, what's happening with the Node.js community, and more.

Where are my new models for NLP? They're here!

By Xin Wu | Updated August 5, 2019 | Published August 8, 2019

Take a look at new MAX models for natural language processing tasks and new pens on CodePen.

IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS Version 8 now available

By Jennifer Rowan | Published June 19, 2019

The release brings many significant improvements to the z/OS JavaScript community including increased performance, security, and zero license charge.