Running MAX deep learning models on Raspberry Pi

By Hong Xu | Published February 11, 2020

Explore some problems with deep learning applications, then see how deep learning on a Raspberry Pi can solve them.

A developer's journey from attending a Call for Code hackathon to open sourcing drone tech as one of the program's first projects

By Pedro Cruz | Published October 2, 2019

Pedro Cruz, winner of the Puerto Rico hackathon in 2018, announces that his project DroneAid is now open source.

Where are my new models for NLP? They're here!

By Xin Wu | Updated August 5, 2019 | Published August 8, 2019

Take a look at new MAX models for natural language processing tasks and new pens on CodePen.

An introduction to the internals of the Model Asset eXchange

By Hong Xu, I-Hong Jhuo | Published June 18, 2019

Take a look at how the Model Asset eXchange works.

Expanding the reach of the IBM Model Asset eXchange

By CODAIT Team | Published March 28, 2019

Learn about a new batch of models, encompassing audio, natural language processing, and image recognition.

Open source and AI at IBM

By Vijay Bommireddipalli, Mei Mei Fu, Bradley Holt, Susan Malaika, Animesh Singh, Jim Spohrer, Thomas Truong | Published December 12, 2018

The past, present, and future of open source and AI at IBM.