Build Smart on Kubernetes with OpenShift from anywhere in the world

By IBM Developer staff | Updated May 26, 2020 | Published December 6, 2019

Learn coding skills in the world of containerized, cloud-native development with expert developer advocates, who have deep technical experience building cloud microservices and applications with…

Deploy IBM Cloud starter kits on Red Hat OpenShift

By Mike Darden | Published May 11, 2020

Add IBM Cloud starter kits to your OpenShift Developer Catalog. Cloud-ready code samples provide a quick path to getting up and running on the cloud. After you install the starter kit collection, any developers with access to your OpenShift cluster can get an app running in their language of choice…

Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge: the winners and what's next

By Brad Westmark | Published May 6, 2020

Announcing the five challenge winners and looking ahead to the next phase of the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour

Build on Red Hat Marketplace

By Willie Tejada | Published April 27, 2020

This destination simplifies each step of the development process: from discovery, to try and play, to procure, to build and deploy, on any cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift 4.3 on IBM Cloud introduces improvements for developers

By Willie Tejada | Published April 24, 2020

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud unlocks the power of IBM Cloud for the Red Hat community. We're excited to announce the arrival of OpenShift…

Take the Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge

By Jina Kim | Updated April 15, 2020 | Published April 9, 2020

A digital challenge to test your coding skill

Use Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Z

By Elizabeth K. Joseph | Published December 18, 2019

Explore the benefits of using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and its open source ecosystem on IBM Z and LinuxONE.

Use Watson APIs on OpenShift

By Steve Martinelli, Scott Dangelo | Updated September 6, 2019 | Published August 29, 2019

Learn the different approaches you can take when calling Watson APIs. Choose between using Source-to-Image (S2I) to containerize your application or leveraging Watson add-ons on Cloud Pak for Data.