Discover how to build intelligent, self-correcting supply chains

By Valerie Westcott | Updated September 30, 2020 | Published October 7, 2019

The IBM Sterling Knowledge Center docs help you simplify connectivity and gain deeper visibility across your supply chain.

IBM Cloud Architectures now prominently includes supply chain

By Marshall Lamb | Published June 9, 2020

Visit the IBM Cloud Architectures site to find a reference architecture that describes the typical end-to-end supply-chain topology required to create, deliver, and sell products.

Gain transparency into fulfillment decisions

By Anum Valliani, Sachim Sethiya | Published March 31, 2020

IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with the Results Explainer provides faster and greater transparency into decisions than traditional rules-based systems.

Three ways our hybrid cloud architecture makes it easy to add AI to fulfillment

By Avinash Chandrashekhar | Published March 31, 2020

Our hybrid cloud approach allows you to ramp up quickly on our cloud-based Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer.

Optimize supply-chain routes to ensure on-time deliveries by predicting potential weather events

By Pradeep Pawar | Published March 13, 2020

Learn how to turn weather disruptions into opportunities for growth and profit with IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights and The Weather Company.

IBM Sterling enables intelligent orchestration of customer transactions across back-end record systems

By Priyanka Telang, Mamatha Venkatesh, Prarthana Manikoth Jayakumar | Published February 27, 2020

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Assistant With Watson infuses conversational AI capabilities into the IBM Sterling Call Center, enabling quick and easy decision-making for service reps.

Introduction to cognitive control tower

By Priyanka Telang | Published November 25, 2019

Enable smart visibility across multiple back-end supply-chain systems and augment intelligent decision-making.

Take orders faster and address degraded performance

By Tushar Agrawal | Published October 18, 2019

Learn how to manage growing IBM Sterling Order Management data on IBM Cloud.