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A developer's journey from attending a Call for Code hackathon to open sourcing drone tech as one of Code and Response’s first projects

By Pedro Cruz | Published October 2, 2019

Pedro Cruz, winner of the Puerto Rico hackathon in 2018, announces that his project DroneAid is now open source.

Putting AI to work with Watson

By Steve Martinelli | Published September 26, 2019

Get a developer's viewpoint on Watson APIs, Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, and Watson Machine Learning Accelerator.

Call for Code 2019 Finalist: AsTeR prioritizes the severity of emergency calls

By Kevin Allen | Published September 25, 2019

AsTeR aims to address overwhelmed call centers with a prioritization system versus the first-call first-served situation. When call centers become saturated, lives are put at risk.

Call for Code 2019 Finalist: Sparrow Platform provides disaster info and medical help through any app, with or without internet

By Jina Kim, Elizabeth Klipp | Published September 25, 2019

The Sparrow Platform is an open-source, AI-enabled platform that serves as a one-stop enabler of medical and psychological well-being during and after disasters.

Build a driver distraction application using the Watson Visual Recognition service

By Anchal Bhalla | Published September 10, 2019

Learn how easy it is to use artificial intelligence to implement a driver distraction app.

Build your own visual recognition app powered by AI

By Bryan Escatel, Max Katz, Peter Moskovits | Published September 2, 2019

Learn how an IBM summer intern created a visual recognition app powered by AI

A Watson Visual Recognition recommendation example

By Rahul Reddy Ravipally | Published August 28, 2019

To achieve truly personalized experience, one has to know individual user's choices or preferences in detail. Learn how you can do that with this recommendation engine that uses Watson Visual Recognition.

Live coding event: Using Node-RED and AI to analyze social media

By IBM Developer Staff | Updated May 14, 2019 | Published May 10, 2019

In this video tutorial, John Walicki will be livestreaming to teach you how to incorporate Node-RED, Twitter, and artificial intelligence into your Call for Code submissions.