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On March 15, we're featuring the women from the IBM Developer Advocates team. Tune in live to hear what they're up to. Come ready to…

Mark your calendars for March 15th

We have an exciting new livestream on Twitch tomorrow, where we’re featuring the fantastic work our Developer Advocate women are doing across IBM Developer and beyond. Join us to hear about a variety of technical topics including Quantum, Machine Learning, data science, Kubernetes, and development frameworks and tools! Come ready to learn and ask questions in the chat. The show starts at 8:45PST / 10:45 CST on March 15th.

Watch live below where Amara Graham will host the livestream. Or you can head over to Follow the channel to get updates when we go live!

Here’s the full Twitch schedule:

  • 8:45 PST / 10:45 CST Kickoff
  • 9:00 PST / 11:00 CST Getting started Quantum and Qiskit/open source, Maddy Tod & Jody Burks
  • 10:00 PST / 12:00 CST Intro to Shiny Dashboarding, Megan Kostik
  • 10:30 PST / 12:30 CST Data Science, R, R-Ladies, Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Gabriela de Queiroz
  • 11:00 PST / 1:00 CST Open standards for predictive model deployment, Svetlana Levitan
  • 11:30 PST / 1:30 CST Natural Disasters and Design Thinking, Call For Code, Jody Burks
  • 12:00 PST / 2:00 CST Reactive for the Impatient, Mary Grygleski
  • 12:45 PST / 2:45 CST Check in
  • 1:00 PST / 3 CST Kubernetes 101, Helen Lam
  • 1:30 PST / 3:30 CST Digital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine Learning, Maureen McElaney
  • 2:30 PST / 4:30 CST Building a sentiment analysis model from scratch/Model Asset Exchange, Saishruthi Swaminathan
  • 3:00 PST / 5:00 CST Cutting on the Bias & Against the Grain, Augustina Ragwitz
  • 3:30 PST / 5:30 CST Wrap Up

Check out some of the work from the women of IBM Developer