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Sessions at Cloud Foundry North America Summit 2019 show that the combination of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry can give developers what they need to achieve…

Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2019 reveals a powerful match that developers in the open source community have been working with for a while. The combination of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry gives developers an environment where they can achieve their goals. Sessions at this year’s conference show that Cloud Foundry is a developer experience that coders who want to build and deploy their apps need on top of Kubernetes.

The summit, held in Philadelphia April 2-4, kicks off with a keynote that includes the Eirini project, led by IBMer Julz Friedman, who will describe how Eirini will be integrating the Kubernetes scheduler into Cloud Foundry. Several of the sessions show that Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, Carl Swanson and Chris Rosen are giving a talk titled “Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes: A Peanut Butter and Jelly Application Sandwich”.

Check out these sessions if you are at the Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2019 this year, and if not, you can watch the videos of the sessions later. Change is an ever-present environment for cloud developers, and keeping up with these new innovations with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes is a strategy to keep yourself prepared for what comes next: