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Find out how services with built-in encryption allow you to focus on creating effective apps.

Technology drives significant and rapid change. Computers allow the digitization of information, the internet enables the transmission of that information at the speed of light, and artificial intelligence is finding connections between disparate information. Such impact comes with awesome responsibility, and developers around the world shoulder that responsibility as they build next-gen applications.

Cloud technology has made it easier to spin up technology rather than have to go through hours of manual installation and configuration steps. With sensitive data stored in the cloud, new struggles emerge. Unauthorized access has become more prominent, and the staggering cost of data breaches is very real. The solution is simple in concept but difficult in execution: Encrypt all data.

This is why developers turn to solutions like Hyper Protect which builds encryption around their applications. By using one of these services, developers can devote their attention to the applications by relying on built-in encryption at rest and in flight. Best yet, all of this is available in the cloud for easy deployment. This is a perfect way to combine enterprise-grade encryption, cloud, data, and artificial intelligence to aid in community and individual health and well-being.

For more details, the video Ensuring your customers’ data privacy with applications secured on IBM Z provides a great overview of this problem and its solution.

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