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Hackathon aims to empower youth to fight back against COVID-19 through technological innovation

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On April 6, UNESCO launched its call for applications for CodeTheCurve — a hackathon that’s all about empowering youth to fight back against COVID-19 through technological innovation. With nearly 200 applications received from scores of countries worldwide, its main collaborators, IBM and SAP, shared the selected teams on April 20. Forty teams from more than 30 countries were selected across three themes:

  1. Education
  2. Information & Data Management
  3. Health & Social Issues

As the co-founder of CodeTheCurve, I have had an amazing experience over the last few days watching the most inspiring videos from developers, data scientists, practitioners, educators, and the research community.

Ideas included distance learning solutions, data sharing between researchers, COVID-19 tracking and monitoring, mobile applications for victims to report acts of domestic violence, social isolation support, mental health management tools, apps to help the elderly community, and much more.

What comes next for the selected teams? Days of learning and hacking with over 80 mentors, 20 speakers, and upward of 240 participants. Look out for another update on the winners of each challenge and the grand prize winner for CodeTheCurve.

What prizes are available for winners across the tracks? One full year of access to IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud for all their development needs, six months of access to an IBM Z machine learning suite, one year of quarterly mentorship calls with IBM and/or its collaborators, a six-month mentorship with SAP, pitch opportunities at four IBM and SAP events, and access to SAP’s e-learning offering. The grand prize is an internship with SAP for the entire winning team!

If you are interested in joining one of the selected teams, you can volunteer your skills by registering in the iHackOnline system. The registration deadline is April 24.

Want to check out the teams that we selected? Read about them and watch their videos here.

And for a behind-the-scenes look at how to run a great hackathon, read this blog to learn more about our secret sauce.

Wish the teams luck via social media by using the hashtag #CodeTheCurve.

See you at the hackathon!