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Global crises are redefining business and society. The role of the developer has never been more necessary. You have an opportunity at the reimagined digital Think 2020 to build skills to address the world’s toughest challenges through the developer-focused Code @ Think track.

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Explore how to build smart and build secure with the right tools and services in areas like modernizing apps, integrating AI, or leveraging emerging technologies like 5G or Quantum with the world’s largest technical support provider for open source.

See how you can turn your passion into purpose and fight back against COVID-19 and climate change through our Call for Code challenge. Explore the critical technologies you need to know supported by experts from IBM and the open source community.

May 5, 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. / 10:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST

Bob Lord, SVP of Cognitive Applications, explains how the future will not be defined by technology, but by those who rise to the occasion and build. In this session, see Sai Vennam, IBM Technical Offering Manager, rapidly innovate with open source and emerging technologies on the cloud. Hear Call for Code winning team Prometeo talk about their life-saving solution for firefighters, and learn about the top three COVID-19 solutions that will have the chance for early deployment. Don’t miss this pivotal session.

Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge

May 4, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST

Secure, enterprise-grade containers are becoming increasingly essential for modern development. Jump start your skills with the Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge. Four 10-minute hands-on coding labs will teach you the key elements of open cloud-native development using Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes. Each lab has a specific set of instructions that must be completed in their respective time period. Ready to put your talents to the test? Sign up now.

On-demand code sessions

Over the course of Code @ Think, tune-in at your own convenience to an assortment of on-demand code sessions. Learn from industry experts as they present the latest technologies, open source use cases, and actionable steps that you can take right now to tackle your most critical workloads. Explore the catalogue.

Check out our on-demand code sessions

  • End-to-end data science and machine learning for telcos: Telstra’s Use Case
  • Bringing container technologies together for application development
  • How to make Liberty your destination for,migrating, modernizing, and creating new microservices
  • Recurrent neural networks and the future of predictions
  • Doing open source right – Learn from the experts at IBM and Red Hat
  • Quantum party tricks: An entertaining introduction to quantum computing
  • Automate your mainframe z/OS processes with Ansible
  • Microservices patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile
  • When cloud-native Java meets containers, Kubernetes, and Istio
  • Making AI trustworthy and transparent
  • Sharing lessons learned from IBM Garage client engagements for cloud-native Node.js applications
  • AI-enabled IoT with Node-RED and TensorFlow.js
  • FactSheets for AI services – An overview tech talk
  • Building recommender pipelines with TensorFlow and Spark
  • 10 useful techniques for making sense of Istio service mesh
  • Understanding the different flavors of APIs
  • Building the business of tomorrow on open technologies
  • COVID-19 and climate change: build solutions that fight back
  • Analyzer: Next-generation code quality assurance for large projects
  • State Farm’s IBM Z modernization: A client journey
  • Enable smart farming using Kubeflow – A production story
  • A simpler way to buy and manage enterprise software
  • Build tomorrow’s apps by unlocking the potential of your critical apps

Master classes

These technology-intensive sessions dive deep into the software you’re using today, the services you’re building for tomorrow, and the open source components that integrate seamlessly with existing IBM technologies. These sessions are limited capacity, so sign up now. Find classes and add them to your schedule.

Check out our master classes

  • A deep-dive on Liberty for developers
  • A deep dive into cloud-native Java featuring Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile
  • Deep-dive into Istio
  • Cloud native for Spring developers
  • When serverless technology makes sense for mobile Backend as a Service
  • Teach your monolith to dance
  • A deep-dive on Node.js
  • Deep dive into Red Hat OpenShift 4
  • Deep dive on IBM Cloud Pak for Applications
  • Teach your Pac-Man bot to play with machine learning and Reactive Streams
  • Factsheets for AI services: A step-by-step introduction
  • A deep dive into TensorFlow 2.0 using IBM Watson Studio
  • AutoAI deep-dive
  • Get the most out of your API strategy
  • Modernizing your infrastructure with Kubernetes on IBM Z
  • Deploying Egeria in your organization
  • Creating a modern app to interact with IBM z/OS
  • Modernizing your infrastructure with Kubernetes and ICPA on IBM Z

Master class labs

But wait — there’s more. Master class labs let you interact directly with the technologies you care about and allow you to skill-up while exploring a variety of scenarios, guided by IBM subject matter experts. Sign up now.

Check out our master class labs

  • Develop cloud-native applications with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications
  • Hands-on lab on fast, efficient and seriously open cloud-native Java
  • Hands-on visual inspection with AI: How to demonstrate AI-guided work in a new era of productivity
  • PyTorch within Model Asset Exchange
  • Develop your Kube app from zero to hero with CodeReady workspaces and Codewind
  • Real-time object detection with IBM Watson Machine Learning
  • Learn about IBM Q’s scalable quantum hardware and software, and build your first quantum game!
  • Automate your mainframe z/OS processes with Ansible to access z/OS services at the click of a button
  • Cloud-native development: Hands-on with Node.js and Kubernetes
  • Deploying deep learning models as microservices
  • Use integration technologies in a cloud- native app to accelerate delivery, improve reliability, and more
  • Securing data between Apple CareKit iOS apps and the cloud with IBM Hyper Protect
  • Go serverless with Java
  • Building a data catalog for AI
  • IBM Watson Natural Language Processing Services Lab

Experience Code @ Think 2020

Whether it’s from your couch or home office, Code @ Think will help you expand your skills without leaving your home. So, what are you waiting for? Join us.