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Announcing the first release of the Jakarta EE 8 platform.

It is with a sense of great pride, and quite a lot of relief, that I salute the Jakarta EE community for the first release of the Jakarta EE platform. The huge community effort involved — in contributing not only the Java EE technology source code, but also the specifications and TCKs — has been well-documented, along with some of the challenges along the way. The Eclipse Foundation deserves some significant credit for taking on a whole new role of specification process owner, as well as technology host. And now we can celebrate it all coming together with the release of Jakarta EE 8 — the specifications, along with the APIs, Javadocs, and TCKs are now final and approved, and represent a great achievement by the Jakarta EE community.

This is more than just a next step for Java. This is the beginning of the adoption of a truly open Java enterprise platform, with several compatible implementations of Jakarta EE on the very first day of release — and I’m particularly excited that Open Liberty is one of them. Check out the full list, but first take a look at what the Open Liberty Project Lead Alasdair Nottingham (@nottycode) has to say about the world’s only runtime that provides complete MicroProfile 3.0 and Jakarta EE 8 support — everything a cloud-native Java application might want, but using only the parts of MicroProfile and Jakarta EE it needs.

IBM continues to be a key contributor to the history and evolution of Java, and this is a significant milestone on that journey. We’ll be celebrating with other members of the Jakarta EE community at several Java developer events this year. Come and see us, and tell us what you think. But first, go and get yourself an Open Liberty Jakarta EE runtime, and try out one of the guides to learn Jakarta EE or MicroProfile.