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Developers can use IBM Edge Application Manager on Red Hat OpenShift to deploy autonomous management capabilities via new cluster support

The confluence of edge computing, AI, and 5G technologies presents a unique opportunity for developers to create a new class of applications. Several new cars have GPU capabilities that not long ago were only found in data centers. We’ve seen IoT devices become more powerful and ubiquitous, the cost of running edge devices has dropped considerably, and AI algorithms are faster, more accurate, and more sophisticated than ever.

In addition, 5G is enabling low latency, high bandwidth, performance-sensitive apps to be deployed on the edge in locations like hospitals, factories, stores, event venues, and automobiles. Edge computing will become a reality, bringing computation and data storage closer to where the data is created by people, places, and things.

The emergence of 5G allows software to quickly process information that will yield an experience that is very responsive, which leads to opportunities to enhance digital experiences, improve performance and data security, and enable continuous operations in every industry. This enables dynamic customized configurations due to increased network agility.

What does this mean? The time for enterprises to embrace the edge has come. There’s been a lot of talk about edge applications, but there’s never really been an enablement platform to manage the issues associated with edge applications. To that end, IBM announced today the launch of the new IBM Edge Application Manager, which will help enterprises across every industry securely deploy and remotely manage applications where the data is collected, across any hybrid cloud environment, delivering real-time analysis and insight.

Critical to delivering this experience is an open architecture. IBM Edge Application Manager is a highly secure container-based platform that is built on Red Hat OpenShift. It lets you deploy and manage new services anywhere – from edge to core, across any hybrid multi-cloud environment – even when disconnected. A single administrator can apply policies that will autonomously manage the scale and variability of application environments across tens of thousands of endpoints.

The offering is built on open technologies, including an open source project created by IBM developers called Open Horizon. With Open Horizon, a single admin can manage numerous endpoints, which helps them manage data across a diverse set of devices from different makers. Recently, the Open Horizon project joined the Linux Foundation community LF Edge, which IBM is a premier member of.

IBM Edge Application Manager was built with developers in mind. You can leverage the familiar container-based development cycle for edge applications as you do for cloud-native apps.

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