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Please keep the feedback coming!

Since we implemented a Feedback button on every page of IBM Developer last March, we’ve received hundreds of incredibly helpful comments and ratings from our site visitors. We read and discuss every single response.

Your feedback has helped us to fix broken links, to correct unclear or incorrect content, and to improve the overall IBM Developer visitor experience. In just the past few months, we have resolved over 50 issues that you’ve identified.

In addition to the consistent site improvements that your feedback has enabled, we are flattered by the awesome compliments that you’ve shared about your IBM Developer experience. Our Developer Advocates, Editors, Designers, and Web Experience team blush with pleasure when we hear our content is “accessible” and “informative” and “detailed” and “relevant” … and the site is “user friendly” and offers a “fantastic experience.”

Visitors also have the option of rating (on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being extremely satisfied) their IBM Developer Experience in 3 areas: functionality of the site, usefulness of the content, and the ease of navigation. We are delighted with the generally positive ratings, even when visitors are reporting a glitch or issue:

bar chart of positive feedback on IBM Developer

Thank you for all the great feedback to help us improve the IBM Developer experience, and please keep the feedback coming!