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Build smart. Build secure. Develop skills with the leading open source tools and technologies on IBM Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift.

Security concerns remain one of the key factors in enterprises unlocking the true value of the cloud. From modernizing applications with containerized microservices, to securing data while training AI models, or building continuous, secure DevOps pipelines in a growing complex hybrid cloud, developers face myriad challenges when it comes to security in a cloud native hybrid cloud environment. IBM Developer wants security to be one less thing you have to worry about when you’re building high-performance solutions. That’s why we put together the Digital Developer Conference: Cloud Native Security on June 24, 25, and July 1.

This conference is your free opportunity to develop skills with the leading open source tools and technologies on IBM Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift to build smart and secure cloud native applications. Led by subject matter experts from IBM and Red Hat, these technical sessions and hands-on labs offer beginners and experts alike an opportunity to explore three dedicated tracks: Application Security, Data Security, and DevSecOps.

Dedicated tracks for application security, data security, and DevSecOps

Learn the skills to react with speed and confidence by using solutions on IBM Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift alongside leading open source contributions by IBM and Red Hat to Kubernetes, Istio, Open Container Initiative, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and Apache Foundation.

Choose the track and session for the cloud native skills you need today to build the smart, secure applications of tomorrow. Here are just a few of the featured technical sessions, keynotes, and hands-on labs:

  • Deep-dive into data-in-motion encryption with Istio auto mTLS and key management
  • From hardware root of trust (RoT) to containers: Running trusted containers on a high assurance OpenShift platform
  • Kubernetes networking to control access with network policy, Calico, NodePort, LoadBalancer, and Ingress
  • Adding secure encrypted object storage, persistent volume to a MongoDB with S3FS-Fuse
  • Source-to-Image (S2I) secure deployment with UBI, custom builder, and runtime images and templates
  • IBM Garage best practices: Developing secure applications for enterprise clients

Why you want to attend

Free and fully digital
Enjoy the convenience of a free, 100% digital event, with live and on-demand access post-conference.

Open source
Learn with proven and popular open source technologies that are backed by a community you can trust.

Hands-on labs
Get coding right away with exercises designed by expert IBM and Red Hat developers for you.

Show your skills
Display proof of your prowess with badges for your newly acquired industry-recognized skills.

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