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Enterprise-scale monitoring

The IBM Maximo team is excited to announce the availability of Maximo Asset Monitor. IBM Maximo Asset Monitor enables AI-powered remote monitoring at enterprise scale for asset maintenance and operations leaders seeking to optimize operating performance with fewer, more accurate alerts, and greater insights into what is causing them.

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor aggregates operating state data and process parameters across legacy systems, historians, IoT sensors, and other repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into performance. It scales quickly and easily across the enterprise. AI-powered monitoring identifies only the right alerts while helping you understand complex relationships between factors causing failures. This empowers your OT and IT teams to act with speed and confidence to understand root-cause and drive digital re-invention.

With Maximo Asset Monitor, asset sensors can be securely registered with the included IoT service to provide key performance indicators about the condition of an asset. These metrics can be combined in a pipeline with other business service data, analyzed by data science models, and then visualized in a responsive, customizable dashboard, all without requiring any coding.

Anomaly models can help reduce the “noise” that is caused by hundreds of false positive alerts using traditional threshold alerts. AI models allow clients to focus on and resolve the most critical anomalies.

Many clients have already adopted Maximo for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and they are realizing the benefits of extending the life of their capital investments while reducing operational and maintenance costs. They want to further leverage these assets by using the real-time operational data of those assets. For example:

  • Product owners can create new “as a service” revenue sources by using new business models enabled by IoT and thereby improving their product or service user experiences, which will increase their customers’ loyalty.
  • Operations and maintenance leaders can reduce operational maintenance and extend the life of their capital investments.
  • Reliability engineers can view historical data for forensic analysis of failure trends that allow them to prioritize design improvements to reduce warranty costs and system downtime.
  • Compliance officers can better document historical trends to demonstrate regulatory compliance and reduce the cost and risk of non-compliance.

Maximo Asset Monitor bundles IBM Cloud services

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor includes the following IBM Cloud services that help you achieve the above business benefits to scale monitoring to the enterprise:

  • Watson IoT Platform Connection Service

    • For real-time ingestion of device sensor data
    • Secure registration and management of devices and gateways
    • Security of users and device
    • Extension points for above and create rules on incoming sensor
    • Mapping physical device types to logical interfaces that reflect the asset you want to manage
  • IBM Event Streams

    • Messaging service for ensuring data can be streamed in realtime into Kafka without data loss
    • Real-time integration points
  • Watson IoT Platform Analytics service

    • Data processing and analysis of historical data
    • Data cleansing and transformation
    • Job scheduling
    • Pipeline analysis and data loading to the data lake
    • Data events and actions
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Data service connections
    • Catalog of data functions and anomaly models to intelligently identify conditions that require attention
  • Monitor service

    • Out-of-the-box operational dashboards that scale to the enterprise
    • Image card
    • Line time series card
    • Value card
    • Table card
    • Shareable and customizable dashboards to allow users to respond, understand, and resolve alerts
  • Database service

    • To store data for all of the above services
  • Object storage

    • To store logs and files for above services
    • For long term storage of device sensor data

Maximo Asset Monitor architecture

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor is architected, designed, and built to scale to allow an operations manager to monitor assets with hundreds of key performance metrics across multiple sites through a single dashboard.

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor Logical Architecture

Custom definable taxonomies allow users to quickly filter alerts, identify which assets require attention, and prioritize which assets to respond to first. Maximo Asset Monitor provides easy navigation from summary dashboards to individual asset dashboards.

Building a monitoring dashboards

Watch me demonstrate how data scientists, developers, and administrators can quickly and easily build monitoring dashboards in this video:

Next steps

We recommend using the following resources to get started using Maximo Asset Monitor today:

We can’t wait to see the dashboards that you create as you begin monitoring your assets with IBM Maximo Asset Monitor. We look forward to hearing and incorporating your feedback as we continue to enhance the offering in the coming months.