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Developers can start addressing integration requirements rapidly with the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Quick Start for AWS

IT environments are becoming fundamentally hybrid and multicloud in nature. As a developer, you’re being asked to connect and coordinate business processes that run in different parts of the environment. You’re also responsible for building new services and modernizing existing applications to take advantage of cloud-native technologies like containers and Kubernetes. Check out this video to learn how OpenShift builds on and extends Kubernetes to deliver a consistent platform across cloud providers.

We know achieving this integration in such a heterogeneous environment isn’t easy. You need a hybrid integration platform that provides cloud-based and on-premises integration approaches to ease the way. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration provides a range of capabilities you can use individually or collectively to address specific integration requirements:

  • API integration
  • Application data integration
  • Enterprise messaging
  • Event publish/subscribe
  • File transfer

For any integration platform to be effective in a hybrid multicloud environment, it must support different cloud providers. You require flexibility to select cloud providers that most effectively address your needs across cost, performance, and security requirements, without fear of vendor lock-in. With this in mind, Cloud Pak for Integration is built on Red Hat OpenShift and supports all the major cloud providers including IBM Cloud, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Need hands-on experience? Want to jump-start a proof of concept? Not sure what integration capabilities you’ll need? IBM, working closely with our partners at AWS, makes it easy with the Quick Start for IBM Cloud Pak for Integration on AWS. Employing best practices from both IBM and AWS, you can deploy a full range of integration capabilities in a production-grade multi-availability zone topology with a single click. So, jump in and start experimenting with different integration patterns that can help facilitate your transition to hybrid cloud.

To learn more about different integration technologies, check out our IBM Cloud Pak for Integration hub on IBM Developer for code patterns, tutorials, articles, and more.

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