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Recently, questions on being able to get access to data in an IBM Cloud GitHub project have surfaced. To help those who may need an…

I blog when I have to answer questions that I want to more widely share the answers to. It’s also a good way to remember things before a turkey induced amnesia sets in (it’s a week before U.S. Thanksgiving).

Recently, I have seen some questions on being able to get access to the data in an IBM Cloud GitHub project. I had just completed doing a quick internal activity for pulling information out of a GitHub Enterprise repository, so I figured that this would be simple. It was… and it wasn’t. The IBM Cloud GitHub instance isn’t a GitHub Enterprise deployment, it is a GitLab deployment. The GitLab API is a little different from the GitHub Enterprise API. I managed to find a suitable Python package for using the GitLab API, and if you look at the resulting code, it is pretty simple.

So I have created a simple GitHub project (called IBMCloud_GitLab_CSV) that does a quick CSV export of issues from an IBM Cloud GitHub project. It’s a simple example, written in Python, that you should be able to use and tailor, to fit your specific needs. I use small Python programs like this to pull the open issues from a variety of projects, and then I can share the resulting CSV files with project managers and PowerPoint producers who want to report on these sorts of things.

If you need this type of capability, make sure to read the README file for this project, which instructs you on how to modify the code to point at YOUR IBM Cloud GitHub project, and tells you how to get an access token for yourself (which the program needs, in order to be able to log into your GitHub project).

If you want to improve on this example, or even create some type of generic tool for doing this type of thing, please join the IBMCloud_GitLab_CSV GitHub project and begin contributing to it.