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Use Watson Natural Language Classifier to build custom text classifiers and integrate them into your solutions

In 2011, IBM Research built an AI system that won the TV game show, Jeopardy. Seven years later we are at the peak of inflated expectations with artificial intelligence (AI). Even though the hype has never been higher, it’s still very common for developers to struggle with identifying use cases for embedding machine learning into their applications and websites.

One of the simplest ways to get started with AI is through text classification, which is an area in natural language processing (NLP) that focuses on labeling and organizing text. Humans have been generating and storing text data for decades, and we are only just now able to fully analyze and interpret it at scale with NLP. Today, many AI services provide such capabilities, but most allow you to only label text based on pre-defined categories. This is helpful when getting started but not when you need to analyze data that is unique to your domain.

Watson Natural Language Classifier is the fastest way for developers to build custom text classifiers and integrate them into their solutions. Just upload a CSV file with examples and start labeling your data! To help you get started, I’ve pulled together some awesome links that show you different ways to use NLC and start embedding more AI into your solutions.



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