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Together will be the pre-eminent contributor to and provider of open source software

Today’s developers count on open source to deliver better, faster, more innovative technology. And open source just got another ringing endorsement. In case you haven’t seen, IBM and Red Hat have announced the intent to come together to be the pre-eminent contributor to and provider of open source software. Each company has committed to develop leading technologies, often in concert with one another, to build neutral open source foundations where developers can collaborate on new, innovative technology.

Two decades of working together in open source

Open source is in each company’s DNA, and we have over 20 years of shared activity to back that up. For the past two decades, IBM and Red Hat have worked together on numerous open source projects, including some of the most important early projects like Linux, Apache, and Eclipse. In the past few years, we’ve collaborated in many cloud-related ecosystems, including OpenStack, Kubernetes, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Node.js, and more.

Our companies share the belief that open governance is critical for open source because it creates an open platform where developers can work together to move the industry forward.

We’ve been on a mission with Red Hat and our other open source partners to create an open, cloud, data, AI, transaction architecture. Our partnership with Red Hat will accelerate this journey.

IBM and open source

As IBMers, we can be proud of our contributions to open source. IBMers are prolific contributors of real code to open source projects.

  • At any given time there are more than 1,000 IBMers active in open source with 68,000 IBMers trained to participate in open source.
  • IBMers contribute more the 15,000 commits/month to open source projects (Top 3 in the world along with Google and Red Hat).
  • Our commits result in more than 62,000 Open Source Certifications (contributions >2KLOC) per year.
  • We clear 40,000 packages a year for use in solutions that clients use every day
  • IBM hosts over 1,500 GitHub repositories.

For more information on IBM’s history in open source, read IBM’s approach to open technology.

To get in on the action and for more information on IBM’s open source community efforts, visit our open source site.