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Today’s developers count on open source, and open source just got another ringing endorsement as a preferred means of creating developer & end user satisfaction, business value, and open robust ecosystems. In case you have not seen, IBM and Red Hat have announced the intent to come together to be the pre-eminent contributor to and provider of open source software. Each company has committed to develop leading technologies, often in concert with each other, to build neutral open source foundations for projects to the delight of end users and businesses alike.

Open source is in each company’s DNA, and we have over 20 years of shared activity to back that up. As IBMers, we can be proud of our contributions:

  • IBMers are prolific open source contributors of real code. At any given time there are more than 1000 IBMers active in open source with 78,000 IBMers trained to participate in open source.
  • IBMers contribute more the 13K commits/month to open source projects (Top 3 in the world along with Google and Red Hat).
  • Our commits result in more than 62K Open Source Certifications (contributions >2KLOC) per year.
  • We clear 40K packages a year for use in solutions that clients use every day
  • IBM hosts over 1200 GitHub repositories.

For more information on IBM’s history in open source visit

Open source is ubiquitous and bringing about standards that are finally freeing clients from vendor lock-in. Open source is strategic to IBM to get in on the action and for more information on IBM’s open source community efforts click here.