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We'd love to connect with you at OpenJS World 2020

IBM is excited to be a platinum sponsor at the OpenJS World conference. We look forward to connecting with you to explore the impact of Node.js and JavaScript are having on technology of all kinds, especially in the area of cloud-native development.

The IBM team is delivering sessions on new and relevant topics, and providing opportunities to learn more about why IBM is a great partner for your Node.js deployments. We will have many of our developers and community contributors at our booth to discuss the latest in leveraging Node.js, JavaScript and emerging open source technologies to accelerate Cloud-Naive development.

Check out the following opportunities to hear from and talk to our contributors:

You can also come to our virtual booth to:

  • Learn about the different ways that IBM supports Node.js developers
  • Talk to one of our collaborators/speakers and learn more about our contributions in the community
  • Try out one of our QuickLabs
  • Dive into more detail with our lab on cloud-native Node.js.
  • Learn more about Call for Code


If you want hands-on experience with Node.js and JavaScript, check out our quick labs below.

No infrastructure, just code. See the simplicity of serverless

Create REST APIs in minutes with LoopBack 4


Cloud-native development with Node.js

* Dead-simple JavaScript testing with Mocha

Call for Code

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge is happening now, with submissions for this Tech for Good challenge, due July 31. Use your technical skills to build technology solutions that fight COVID-19 or climate change.

Many Call for Code participants use JavaScript or Node.js, and you can be one of them. Check out our starter kits for COVID-19 and climate change to see how you can use Node.js to build your solution. Or, watch our on-demand education for COVID-19 or climate change.

Learn more

Can’t make it to OpenJS World or want to explore more of Node.js at IBM, check out the Node.js technology page on IBM Developer.