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Add-on to IBM Cloud Pak for Applications allows you to develop and test IBM z/OS app components on Red Hat OpenShift running on x86 hardware

For developers responsible for maintaining, accessing, or creating new applications on IBM Z, choice is no longer a dirty word.

Announced today, IBM Wazi for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces is an add-on to IBM Cloud Pak for Applications. It provides developers with the capability to develop and test IBM z/OS application components in a containerized, virtual IBM Z environment on Red Hat OpenShift running on x86 hardware by using an industry-standard integrated development environment (IDE) such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) or Eclipse.

z/OS IDE capabilities include COBOL, PL/I, and HLASM editing, plus an intelligent build tool that identifies, manages, and uses dependencies to optimize builds, as well as an interactive z/OS debugger. With integration into any Git-based SCM, IBM Z developers can employ processes like Agile, Lean, or SAFe®, working alongside other platform developers in a modern IDE.

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